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5 Reasons to Get Waxed

An attractive woman is a woman who waxes, attracting men left and right through this hygienic practice. Shaving is inefficient as you might have to shave daily to “tame the beast”. Consider this great alternative.

✔ There will be no cutting involved

Sharp razors usually equal nicking. Who would want to get nicked in the neck, armpits, and groin? Say goodbye to infection, especially if you keep reusing your blades. No one wants inflammation and bad bacteria.

Plus, cuts take a long time to heal, irritating you in the shower and when sweating and whatnot. Plus, they look plain bad. Say no to imperfections. Although waxing is more painful, the next day you will enjoy sexy legs for up to a month in some cases. However, seek a professional to avoid burning.

✔ Waxing equals durability

Since you are pulling the hair by the root, it takes much longer to come back. No more shaving every day is needed. Two to four weeks are more than common to enjoy sexy legs that were once waxed. You don’t need to keep irritating your skin through shaving.

✔ Hair will be thinner

This is the exact opposite of what happens when shaving. Over time, the hair will become less and less noticeable. That is because hair follicles are weakened. Wait for the hair to grow to at least a quarter of an inch so that the wax can grab and KO it efficiently.

✔ You build up a pain tolerance

Initially, hot wax is painful both when it sets on your skin and when it removes your hair. You will gradually lose the pain response and become resilient to this beautiful, hygienic art that will embellish the art piece you truly are.

✔ Your skin becomes smooth

A lot of waxes will have moisturizers in them, softening the skin and hair before removal. The entire hair being pulled out makes the skin as smooth as it can be. Forget about the annoying stubble that remains.


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