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First time waxing? Here’s how to prepare for it!

Waxing might be an intimidating word. There are so many questions about this topic as it can be often associated with the word “painful”. But today, we introduce to you the wonders of Pink Parlour’s Waxing. With our signature premium candy wax from Australia combined with professional care from our therapists, we guarantee a less painful, comfortable, convenient, and satisfying treatment!

Here are some tips and tricks you need to complete your smooth waxing appointment with us:

Make sure that your hair grows long like a grain of rice

  • Why does it need to be THAT exactly? Because babes, if the hairs are too short, the wax will have a difficult time sticking to the hairs and might require going over multiple times. And if it is longer than 0.5, then the procedure might get all tingly and bothersome. It should just be the right length so that the procedure will just be as smooth as your final result should be!

Use gentle and non-clogging products and exfoliate:

  • Using gentle and non-clogging products is a big help on the exfoliation part. You need to keep your skin prepared and unclogged to get the best results. Waxing can be considered

as exfoliation for it removes the dead skin build-ups as well. But it is highly recommended to exfoliate yourself two or three days ahead of time to prepare your skin. With this, you are easing up the trapped hairs and stubborn ingrown hairs that might hinder you to get the best result.

Water is a MUST:

  • One must be hydrated and fresh before undergoing waxing. For instance, one must be hydrated enough before the waxing appointment to avoid your hairs being stubborn and brittle. Also, it is a must to wash your area to prepare for waxing, for oily skin might prevent the wax from sticking which may leave stray hairs behind. Plus, it is also a must to remove any traces of make-up and perspiration from your skin before the treatment, to avoid discomfort and irritation.

If you're a first-timer or have a low tolerance for pain, you may like to take a paracetamol tablet to aid your pain and worries.

There is no need to be scared and overwhelmed by waxing because Pink Parlour is here for you! We will be with you throughout your #hairfree journey! Go ahead and book now to start your smooth waxing journey without breaking the bank!

Your #hairfree journey starts here!


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