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Is IPL treatment safe during pregnancy?

Hair removal treatments have evolved. In the form of the IPL Hair Removal Treatment, the world now has a much better option than shaving, waxing, and plucking. Ladies use IPL for hair removal since it is a long-term cure for unwanted body hair. However, who is eligible for this treatment may be limited.

The connection between pregnancy and excessive body hair growth

Your body is inundated with hormones when you're pregnant. Hair can grow in places where it has never grown before, especially in the third trimester, due to higher levels of estrogen and androgen.

You might notice hair on your belly, face, neck, breasts, and arms all of a sudden. The good news is that this type of hair growth is extremely normal, and it usually fades away once the baby is born. Pregnancy also alters your hair's development cycle.

Is it safe to have IPL treatment when pregnant?

If you're expecting a child, IPL hair removal is a safe option.

  • Finding a practitioner who can offer this treatment during your pregnancy may be tricky. This is because IPL treatments are rarely used on pregnant women. Because IPL treatments are rarely performed on pregnant women, Although no research has been done to back up the hazards of such therapies on pregnant women, some doctors refuse to use them. Doctors will almost certainly advise you to wait till after you've had your baby before beginning IPL treatments.

  • Darkening of the skin is one of the most common changes that can occur during pregnancy, and it is widely believed that laser hair removal is most successful when there is a contrast between the color of your skin and the color of your hair. Treatment can be less effective if the skin on your target zone becomes closer to the color of your hair as a result of this pregnancy change.

  • During pregnancy, the natural hair growth cycle is affected. You may require as many sessions as you need for laser hair removal to be effective. These treatments should ideally be carried out during the active growth phase of the cycle. However, because pregnancy hormones can alter the duration of some stages, you may end up having the treatment performed during the incorrect phase.

When to resume laser hair removal treatment?

  • It is advised that one should wait until they’ve given birth to the child. Although there is no known risk associated with this hair removal treatment, it is best to follow the advised precautions. Also, if you opt to undergo therapy, keep in mind that body parts that stretch during pregnancy, such as the breast and genitals, should be avoided.

  • We encourage you to postpone laser and IPL hair removal until after they have finished breastfeeding. But don't worry, we recommend waxing and threading throughout your pregnancy if you want to continue with hair removal treatment.

However, it's best to look after yourself and avoid any situations that could put you or your child in danger. Stay safe and healthy! Visit our website to know more!


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