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Tanned Is The New Fair (Part 2)

Eat foods high in beta carotene

High carotenoid foods are rich in antioxidants and are also precursors to Vitamin A. Beta carotene also prevents cancer, balances cholesterol levels, and has many more health benefits. This compound helps maintain healthy skin by preventing premature aging of the skin by reducing oxygen damage caused by harmful ultraviolet light and other environmental hazards like smoking.

Here’s a quick list of a few foods high in beta carotene.

Sweet Potatoes



Cantaloupe Melons




Get sufficient sleep

Sleep-deprived people tend to have a more sullen face because they’re tired, leading to a lack of that healthy and happy glow. Want to know how to be more attractive and happy? Get hours a night!

Get into a habit of meditating

As we all know, meditation is calming and many people use this as a method of coping with mood swings and stress. Lower stress means better hormonal balance which leads to clearer skin. Who isn’t attracted to someone who has a flawless complexion?

Exfoliate and moisturize

When it comes to getting your limbs to look healthy and full of vigor, exfoliate! Use a loofa, body brush, exfoliating glove, or grain exfoliator every week to get rid of dry patches that make skin look dull. Remember to moisturize after to absorb all the goodness. You don’t need to use an expensive moisturizer, normal cocoa butter will suffice.

Brush up on your make-up skills

Foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer, eyeshadow, lipstick, Practice the techniques and make sure you’ve gotten the right colors. Read about this in our article on makeup to look tanned by clicking here!

Even easier, just get a spray tan!

Spray tanning is often considered to be one of the best methods based on appearances alone because it provides an even tone throughout the entire body in a fraction of the time and you don’t need to expose yourself to harmful UV rays. You also have control over the color you get. No one wants to look dirty and burnt.



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