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10 Reasons Why Reading Is Good For You

You Can Travel Without Physically Going Anywhere

If what you really want to do is go on an extended vacation, but you’re unable to do so, reading is a great way to escape without actually leaving your seat.

Reading Reduces Stress

Stress can be a major factor in unhappiness, but reading helps relieve some tension: you can reduce your stress by reading for just six minutes at a time. Imagine how amazing you’d feel if you read for six hours. Or six days straight.

Reading Improves Empathy

Research shows that reading actually makes you more empathetic. If you are able to put yourself in another’s shoes, this will lead to greater understanding. Hopefully, in the long run, that can help us work to create a better, fairer world, and thus, a happier one.

Reading Helps You Process What Is Happening In Reality

Writer Eileen Gunn says that “what science fiction does, especially in those works that deal with the future, is help people understand that things change and that you can live through it.” So when things are difficult to process, fiction can actually help you escape… but it can also help you understand the world and get through difficult times.

You Don’t Have To Spend Money To Read

Thanks to libraries, you can rent books for free! The phrase “free books” is certainly a happy one.

Reading Can Help You Sleep Better

Because of the many health benefits of reading, books can actually help you sleep better. And what’s happier than sleep?

You Can Meet New Friends

Whether you’re discussing books online or starting a book club to talk about the latest bestseller, you can find new friends by bonding over literature. These social connections will boost your happiness, and you’ll get to read even more.

Books Can Open Your Mind

Books can lead to an open mind, which will increase your happiness: you can become more tolerant and less prejudiced by reading.

Reading Can Reduce Depression According to a UK study, readers are “21 percent less likely to experience feelings of depression.” Books are literally happiness boosters, so read on, book lovers!



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