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8 Ways to Stay in Shape During the Holiday Season

After an entire year of working hard, we finally get our chance to relax and catch up with our friends and relatives that we haven’t met in ages.

But how are you going to resist the mouth-watering food, the rich desserts, and the drinks that have to go along with our meals?

These are the top 8 ways to make sure that you don’t have to desperately squeeze into your jeans or end up having popped buttons at the end of the season!

Keep to your workouts

Working out will keep you away physically from being lured into all those junk food temptations while boosting your metabolic rate so you can burn fat more efficiently. Once you complete the workout, you will also feel more relaxed and refreshed. Chances are, you’ll be more motivated to stick to a healthy diet.

Eat before heading out

By doing so, you will be less tempted to overindulge in all the good food since you have already eaten.

Don’t skip meals

Saving up the majority of your daily calories so you can go all out binging during parties is the wrong approach, according to health experts. The real result of skipping meals is consuming even more calories in the end because you’re just so hungry. Katherine Tallmadge, a registered dietician, and author of “Diet Simple” recommends eating a nutritious breakfast, a light lunch, and a small snack before heading out.

Select Treats Wisely

You should choose goodies that you can only enjoy during the holiday season instead of something that is available all year long. This helps to limit the caloric damage to your body.

Stay Hydrated

Hunger is very commonly confused with dehydration, so be sure to drink a glass of water before each meal to prevent overeating. Even better, keep a small bottle of water by your side so you can sip on it during parties when you feel “hungry”.

Don’t neglect the veggies

Dieticians suggest stocking up on watery vegetables and fruits like celery (if you enjoy them), lettuce, cucumbers, watermelon, pears, and grapes to banish bloat. Eat high-fiber veggies too. Fiber helps to fill the stomach, making you feel full faster than all the sugary treats and fried finger food.

Get adequate rest

If you are all worn out, you’ll be too tired to make smart food choices. Furthermore, not getting a good night’s sleep increases your risk of falling ill. Rest also allows you to fully enjoy the holidays.


Yes, you heard us. Eat the tasty holiday treats you’ve been craving for all year, but watch the portion sizes. Stick to SMALL portion sizes. Don’t pile your plate and remember to practice the other 7 methods in this list. Enjoy and all the best!



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