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Brazilian Waxing at Pink Parlour: A Blogger’s Diary

This article has been republished with permission by the Author, Little Miss Honey.

In 2012, single and after just a few months of living in Singapore, I decided on a whim to try out having a Brazilian Wax and see if I would like it & if I can tolerate the pain. For those who don’t know what Brazilian wax is, please go google it. I saw this cute girly place in Joo Chiat, Katong named Pink Parlour that has Brazilian waxing, other hair removal treatments, manicure & pedicure treatments, and spray tanning services. So I booked my first Brazilian wax without any hesitation.

On the day of my schedule for a Brazilian wax, I was served by a very nice accommodating Malay therapist. She was kind enough to note that this was my very first experience in Brazilian waxing. She explained to me carefully what she will do for the treatment.

The Procedure

Here is how the procedure goes. The staff would offer you these cute black & pink rubber slippers to wear. Then they will hand you a towel and usher you to their bathroom for a wash or rinse. Once you are ready, they will lead you to one of the rooms.

In some cases, a trim may be needed but sometimes, it is not necessary. They would apply a baby powder to the area. Then the hair removal will commence. They would use a warmed pink wax and spread it over the area using a flat stick.

The therapist would ask if the wax is too hot. Once the wax hardens, the therapist would strip it off from the skin in a very swift precise manner that minimizes the pain and discomfort. You can feel that the wax pulls the hair and not the skin so not much pain or any note of bleeding. The therapist would even give you their pink cuddly cat stuff toy to hug if you feel pain. But it wasn’t really needed because the pain score for me was 1/10, with 10 being the most painful. After several hard waxes in and hard wax off, the area would be almost hairless.

The little hairs would then be removed by application of blue wax then a thin cloth paper would be placed unto the blue wax and the little hairs would be stripped off. This procedure is much less painful at this point than the hard wax. And to totally remove 100% of the hair, sometimes tweezers are used to remove the remaining stubborn hairs. You are left with silky smooth skin.

About Pink Parlour

Pink Parlour started in Singapore in 2005. They soon become well-known in the grooming and waxing arena for women and men to feel good about themselves from hair removal using waxing or IPL treatments, spray tanning, whitening, nail treatments, and brow & lash tint.


  • 2016 SG Spa, Top 100 Spas in Singapore

  • 2016 Expat Living Awards 2016, Winner of Best Mani-Pedi Salon

  • 2015 Singapore Tatler, Best of Singapore Grooming

  • 2015 Harpers Bazaar, Best Brazilian Waxing

  • 2014 Singapore Tatler, Best of Singapore Grooming

  • 2013 Singapore Tatler, Best of Singapore Grooming

  • 2012 I-⁠S Magazine, Top 100 Places to Visit Singapore

  • 2012 Singapore Tatler, Best of Singapore Grooming

  • 2012 Singapore Women’s Weekly, Best Waxing Parlour

  • 2011 Singapore Tatler, Best of Singapore Grooming

  • 2011 Singapore Women’s Weekly, Best Waxing Parlour

  • 2010 Singapore Tatler, Best of Singapore Grooming

  • 2009 Singapore Women’s Weekly, Best Specialty Wax (Designer Brazilian)

  • 2009 Singapore Women’s Weekly, Best Bikini Wax

  • 2009 Singapore Women’s Weekly, Best French Manicure / Pedicure

  • 2009 Cleo Magazine, Best Manicure / Pedicure

  • 2008 Singapore Women’s Weekly, Best Hydration Fix Facial

  • 2008 Cleo Singapore, Beauty Directory Top 20 Nail Salons

  • 2007 Simply Her, Best Brazilian 8.5 Rating

  • 2007 Spa Crystal Awards Nominee, Best Spa in Southeast Asia

  • 2006 Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Awards, Most Fun Spa

  • 2006 Urban Wire, Painless Brazilian

After Treatment Care

After the session, make sure to avoid hot showers, swimming pool, sauna, or jacuzzi for the next 48 hours. I also apply Pink Parlour Bump Freedom Lotion and Pink Parlour Calm Protect Lotion. They contain wonderful ingredients like Tea Tree Oil that protects and heals the area. In the next few days after the waxing, make sure to exfoliate the area when bathing. Hair regrowth starts around 3-6 weeks and it is time to book your Brazilian Wax session.

My Review

Before my scheduled Brazilian wax, I thought I would just try it once out of curiosity but surprisingly, I love having a monthly Brazilian wax. It is already part of my monthly pampering regimen. I have been having Brazilian wax from 2012 until 2018, only at Pink Parlour. The only time I skipped my Brazilian wax was when I learn that I am pregnant, I would wait until I am beyond my 1st trimester and 5 months postpartum.

Pink Parlour makes me feel comfortable and relaxed in spite of how awkward the treatment may sound for newbies. I was amazed that I didn’t feel self-conscious about the whole procedure. The procedure is relatively almost painless and it is done in a matter of few minutes.

It doesn’t require a whole chunk of your time which is a blessing for a busy mom like me. Also booking an appointment is such a breeze. You can book an appointment by downloading their app and booking from there. You can call or email them to book an appointment too. I love Pink Parlour Brazilian Wax so much that I often would offer the treatment to my family & friends as a gift. I would love them to try it out for themselves.

I highly recommend Pink Parlour for its hair removal services. I am a loyal customer for years and gladly would promote their amazing service. I love they have several branches scattered around Singapore and am happy to find one near my home. They also have branches in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Do try it out for yourself! I guarantee you won’t regret it.

About the Author

I am a Filipina who has studied & lived in Saudi Arabia for a few years and is currently based in Singapore with my husband & our two little boys. I am a medical doctor, a lifestyle blogger, a travel junkie, a foodie, and a bookworm. I hope I can drizzle a bit of sunshine and inspiration whenever you drop by my blog, Little Miss Honey.


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