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Cheers to 2022

A bright new year to all of you, Kittens! 😻 Cheers to 2022 for starting our year with joy and calm. We've just welcomed the year with a bang but here in Pink Parlour we've come prepared just for you. We've planned this for so long because we know that you all want to have bright and smooth skin. Who doesn't want to welcome the year with smoothness and worry-free skin, right?! With our Alpha Underarms, you'll surely feel that glow and smooth that you want! Learn more about this offer!


Let's all welcome the year with a bang! It's time for you to spread your arms wide and flex that smoothness and glowy skin. Go get that #SmoothUnderarmsthis2022 to fulfill that bright and glowy skin, Alpha Underarms is made just for you.

Our Alpha Underarms with 10 sessions is an affordable service where you can feel the calmness when pampering just like listening to instrumental music, no pain just pampering. With these 10 sessions, you'll see the results immediately without worrying too much about your budget, skin, and inconvenience. You want to achieve bright underarms and we also manifest that glow to you! Trust us when we say that!

Start booking your Alpha Underarms now!


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