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Is everyone ready to prepare for the Holidays? For sure everyone is excited to assemble and build their own Christmas Tree at home. After thinking for a couple of months about which design or theme to display inside and outside of their house, definitely everyone is looking forward to this most celebrated Holiday around the world. But, we don't want only your house to be dressed up and prepared for this season. You must be presentable as well!

Heads up! You can still plan everything, starting from your amazing beautiful holiday dress to your waxing appointments. Let's be your guide for your checklist this year. We don't want you to miss this moment. All you have to do is to sit back, relax, and keep in mind this helpful checklist. Let's go!

Checklist #1 Prepare your budget

Sometimes, decorating your house and putting a little glitter to add up some exciting “spice” to your home can set you back some dollars. The best is to secure shops that offer lower prices, with items that look high-end. You can also consider “Do It Yourself” activities for you and your family to enjoy and have lots of fun, decorating your home. Plan your budget before you go shopping.

Checklist #2 Make a list of things you will need

After setting up the decorations in your living area and building your Christmas Tree, it's time for you to head to your kitchen. Check your pantry, and cabinets for bowls, silverware, utensils, etc., and list down everything that you will be needing for the next couple of weeks. Make sure to triple-check everything, we don't want to rush ourselves.

The holiday season is extra special when we serve food prepared with “Tender Loving Care”! Planning the festive season menu can be rather exciting and we would also like to please our family and friends with the dishes they would enjoy.

No matter what food you serve, eating together with family, friends, and loved ones, will surely make the festive holiday season, a happy and memorable time!

Checklist #3 Prepare Yourself

Now that everything is settled it's time for you to glam up! Let's say you'll be hosting an intimate dinner with your family or loved ones, you still have to look nice and prepared. Prepare your dress beforehand and make sure that the accessories you'll be needing are all in one place so it's easier for you to grab and wear them.

Don't forget to book your appointment with your favorite waxing salon! Having hairless skin during the holidays will give you that extra glowing smooth skin!

If you're looking for a perfect waxing salon that will give you the satisfaction of being hai-free with a painless experience, our caring and experienced PINK PARLOUR team is here to help you!

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