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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, it's a Booty Thursday! It's time for a booty transformation 🍑 Make your booty smooth and glowing this month with our Bum Bum Facial 3 sessions. Together with our innovative technology equipment, expect your booty to have that glow, smooth, and bump-free area. Don't miss this amazing package from us!

BumBum Facial 3 Sessions

What is Bum Bum Facial?

Booty facials work to refine the skin, even more, to align the skin to its original texture and place. So that it won't appear lousy and soggy, it even addresses concerns and smoothens the appearance of your area. Pink Parlour comprehensive booty facial can leave the skin feeling better and make it more toned. This treatment can last up to 40 minutes.

Your money won't go to any waste when you start booking our Butt facials. You'll love it for sure! We're sure that you'll keep coming back to have this treatment for your bum area. Can't wait to see you in our branches! See you there!

You can book your treatment here:


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