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Reward yourself with these items after a Brazilian Wax

Kudos to you, you did an amazing job of not losing your control when in pain of waxing. It was a daunting task, wasn't it? You are not less than a princess riding on a dragon’s back. Now, it’s your time to give yourself a treat of fighting the most important battle of your life.

Below are a few things to reward yourself for after Brazilian waxing.

  • Rest, when it comes to treating yourself after Brazilian waxing, the first step is to get some rest. Ignore everything that needs to be done. Simply rest and unwind. It can be difficult to set aside time for oneself, but getting a few more hours of sleep is well worth it. It will revitalize you, and the greatest part is that it is completely free.

Keep in mind that you should avoid pools, showers, and the beach for at least 24 hours. The bikini area may become irritated as a result. Exercising vigorously is not recommended because it can cause discomfort and redness. After the treatment, only use clean running water.

  • The second item is everyone's favorite Muffin, which is topped with cream and sprinkles. Anything warm from the oven, such as muffins, can hit the spot. Muffins are essentially enormous chunks of a cake dressed up as comfort food. These comfort foods can be made at home or ordered from your favorite bakery. Pumpkin, apple, and cinnamon are the stars of this dish, but chia seeds, ginger, and carrots also offer nutrients and flavor. We guarantee that muffins will make you feel better after a painful waxing session. Make a double batch and freeze half of it.

  • How could we possibly forget about our favorite comfort food, pancakes? After Brazilian waxing, reward yourself with a delicious pancake. The beautiful pancake can be included in the list of power breakfast foods because it is high in fiber and protein, making it a heart-healthy option. Furthermore, the sweet flavor immediately improves your spirits, which you need after Brazilian waxing.

  • Purchase new workout attire. After eating pancakes and muffins straight up for three days you should think of the gym. We agree that you should take a break before knocking on the gym doors. However, why not heat up before your workout after Brazilian waxing? (do not forget to take the rest of 2 or 3 days). Buy a brand new pair of workout clothes and prepare to hit the gym with your routine. It's no secret that feeling good about yourself may make you feel better. So go out and buy something cute to wear to your next sweat session after Brazilian waxing.

  • Give a try to aloe vera gel and olive oil, and nurture your wax skin on hand. Is there anything better than buying the stuff for your skincare? Olive oil can help with a variety of aesthetic issues, including leftover wax on your lady parts you can pour some on a cloth and gently wipe until the wax dissolves. Nurturing skin through Olive oil is wonderful for preventing ingrown hairs however, be aware that it stings if used right after a wax. To prevent stings apply some aloe vera which is a great way to soothe your skin after a dreading experience.

You can buy whatever you want, as long as it has your heart. After all, you've been through a lot, and you deserve to be rewarded for it. Keep a few safeguards in mind and have a great day work or gym day off.

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