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What's new? Try our new and improved app now to get the best experience!

Yes kittens, we hear you! Despite the challenges in the past, Pink Parlour has never failed to improve. Pink Parlour entered the grooming scene in Singapore in 2005 and is now available in four countries, specializing in hair removal. From its services to bookings, the new features of the app made it easy for its loyal clients to transact, and avail of exclusive promos and discounts.

After all, everything we truly want is to provide the best possible experience to our clients and customers. Now, we get to see the app with new certain features that make bookings faster and give its clients exclusive discounts and rewards. Let’s discuss its quality more below.

What’s new?

Friendly interface for easier navigation

Whether you’re using the app via Ipad and iPhones, windows, or even android, everyone can easily navigate and choose the services that they want to avail of through the app. This new feature provides a new interface that will not overwhelm but instead makes it easier for the app users to directly navigate to the services they want.

Easier management of bookings and appointments

The app comes with a new feature that makes it easier to book your favorite services quickly. It can also enable pre-reservation form completion to save you time and at the same time, it can now let the app users view rescheduled appointments any time they want.

Unlimited rewards and exclusive discounts

Lastly, who doesn’t love unlimited rewards and discounts? If you want to utilize these promos, then make sure to download the app and avail of them to save your time and money.

Download the app now!

For apple users, click the link here:

Are you a first-timer who wants to avail of First Trial services? Book an appointment here:


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