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Where to buy Peach Scrub in Singapore?

As the sun is out this summer, we badly need to find that perfect bum partner. We could not afford to have dark and bumpy bums. It will be a BUM-MER!

Everyone is on the hunt for the perfect Singaporean bum facial product that could give us smooth and fair bums while also staying on the budget.

Well, ladies, do not fret, for the search is finally over!!

Pink Parlour has our perfect partner this "suns out, buns out" season.

🍑 Peach Scrub will ensure that we can confidently shake our booty as it transforms it by:

  • smoothening the skin

  • gently exfoliate the area with peach extract

  • lightens your dark areas

  • containing vitamin c that protects and nourishes the skin

  • ensuring bums are acne free

Don't miss this $20 great find, and quickly click this link to add it to your cart NOW! 🍑


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