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As White As Pearl: 5 Fantastic Whitening Options in Singapore

While not necessarily the standard of beauty, having fair and flawless skin gives you a leg up in the competition. It is natural for us to always strive to look our best; that’s why skin whitening is increasingly in demand.

Different countries have different whitening methods, with some using traditional methods to achieve fairer skin, but if you’re looking for whitening options in Singapore, you’d be surprised to discover the ones on offer.

To know more about the various whitening options in Singapore, read the article to find out.

5 Whitening Options in Singapore Guaranteed to Give You Fairer Skin

Different areas of our body require whitening. Just because your face has a fair complexion doesn’t automatically mean all bases are covered. We all need to pay special attention to different areas of our bodies to feel confident about ourselves.

Imagine having attractive skin only to have dark or an uneven-toned bikini line area. This type of situation affects your confidence and can prevent you from fully expressing yourselves by dressing up well.

That said, here are the whitening options you can avail in Singapore to ensure that you have fair, smooth, and glowing skin through and through:

1. Brazilian Whitening

This whitening option focuses on the area surrounding and including our genitals. This area is where most of us experience dark skin, and it can be pretty embarrassing to don your swimwear or engage in intimate activities when you have dark skin down there.

Luckily, within 7-8 sessions in 2 months, you will see the results of Brazilian whitening. This process will not only make the skin that covers your genital area whiter, but it will also boost your confidence because of the significant difference between your skin before and after the procedure.

2. Underarm Whitening

Armpit or underarm whitening has got to be one of the most in-demand whitening procedures out there. It’s no secret that sleeveless clothes are almost necessary, especially during the summertime in Singapore, and having dark skin on your underarm will prevent you from wearing them.

With a combination of different processes and chemicals, the dead skin cells found on your underarm will be replenished and will end up looking fresh and new all over again. As is customary with these treatments, it can go for 7-8 sessions in a span of 2 months.

3. Bikini Line Whitening

The bikini line covers the area outside your underwear line. Most of the time, the skin in this area can deteriorate and take on a darker tone, leaving you with dark skin outside your underwear line. It can be pretty tricky to wear your favourite swimwear if these areas are dark; that’s why a proper skin whitening process is needed.

The same meticulous process is applied to your underarms, usually spanning 2 months. However, you will see noticeable results after spending time with the treatment, making it all worth it.

4. Elbows/knees Whitening

Another body part that may stand out if it has a different skin tone is your elbows and knees. Imagine having fair skin on your arms and legs, only to have a different shade on your elbows or knees, it can be distracting and may affect your confidence.

Whiten these areas and get rid of the stress associated with having an uneven skin tone. 2 months is all you need to achieve arms and legs with a balanced colour, boosting your confidence in the process.

5. Vitamin C Whitening Mask

The Vitamin C whitening mask is your best bet if you’re looking for a more natural way of whitening your skin. This mask covers the areas affected by darkening, usually because of dead skin, and dissolves to rejuvenate that area. When Vitamin C settles into your skin, you will notice a dramatic change in skin quality and colour.

This product also comes with an inviting scent, allowing you to enjoy the whole experience while dead skin replenishes. Using this product is also an unobtrusive way of getting fairer skin, so if you prefer this method over using a laser, nothing is stopping you from choosing the Vitamin C whitening mask.

Pink Parlour Provides You With These Whitening Options in Singapore

These are the different whitening methods you can get in Singapore. If you are searching for ways to acheive fairer and glowing skin, let us at Pink Parlour give you high-quality service for all your grooming needs.

We at Pink Parlour are dedicated to bringing you only the highest-quality grooming services, and if you wish to see what these services are, explore our website and be amazed. You can also contact us here if you have questions or concerns.

If you want to look flawless and more attractive, let us at Pink Parlour give you the high-quality grooming services you deserve!


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