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Peach Scrub for a healthier Bum🍑

Have trouble finding the best solution for your dark and chicken skin-like bum area? Don't know where to find the best treatment? Here at Pink Parlour, we don't want to see you worry and be problematic on your skin. That's why we launched a product that is not just best on your skin but also in your budget. Peach scrub Is all you need! 🍑

Why is peach scrub good for your bum area? Here's why.

  • It has vitamin C which is good for your skin.

  • Lightens your dark spots

  • Comes from real fruit extract from peach

  • Exfoliates your skin to give you a flawless and bump free-skin area

Peach scrub is not just good for your skin but is also budget-friendly. No need to worry to get broke just to get the right way of being pampered. For only $20, you can feel each day the smoothest Bum Bum ever in your entire life. Enjoy!

Buy your scrub now!


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