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build muscle
& sculpt your body 



30 minutes. no sweat. no surgery. no downtime

  • Non-invasive

  • Proven to build muscle and burn fat

  • Effective for men and women

  • equivalent of 20,000 crunches or squats in 30 minutes

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EMS Shape Up with Body Sculpting and Slimming Treatment

Get ready to sculpt your dream body with EMS (EMS Shape), now available at Pink Parlour Singapore! This globally renowned non-surgical body sculpting solution uses groundbreaking technology to tone muscles, reduce excess fat, and achieve your slimming goals. Equivalent to performing 20,000 sit-ups or squats in a relaxing 30-minute session, EMS Shape offers effective slimming and fat-burning. Whether you seek body slimming in Singapore, advanced slimming treatment, or comprehensive body transformation, EMS Shape delivers noticeable results. Join countless others at Pink Parlour Singapore and achieve efficient body slimming with this cutting-edge solution for body sculpting.



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EMS Shape, has gained immense popularity globally, supported by scientific research and embraced by renowned figures like Drew Barrymore, J-Lo, Kim Kardashian, and top-tier athletes.



  • Proven to build muscle & burn fat

  • Non-invasive treatment

  • Long-Lasting Results

  • Effective for men and women

  • No Downtime

  • Equivalent of 20,000 crunches or squats

  • Slimming results you can see and feel

not harder


Pink Parlour's EMS SHAPE Treatment

Sculpt Your Dream Body: Wave farewell to stubborn spots and embrace a more toned, slimming you!


EMS Shape operates by using high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy to stimulate deep muscle contractions in the targeted area. These powerful contractions mimic what your muscles experience during intense exercise. The treatment triggers muscle growth and fat reduction, resulting in improved muscle tone and a more sculpted, slimming appearance. Essentially, EMS Shape helps you achieve your fitness and slimming goals without the need for strenuous workouts.



  • Stronger muscles right after the first treatment.

  • Immediate improvement in gym performance.

  • Visible changes within two weeks of the first treatment.

  • Ongoing, increasingly better results over time

  • Slimming results that will make your mirror do a double-take!

  • Exceptional body sculpting results

EMS Shape users have shared several additional health and wellness advantages:

Enhanced posture

Improved fitness & sports performance

Reduced  back pain

Boost in confidence

Jessica R.

"Emshape gave me abs of steel! It's like a workout without the sweat."

Olivia G.

"Emshape turned my thighs from flab to fab. I'm over the moon!"

Alex D.

"The results are real! My buttocks are lifted and firmer thanks to Emshape."

Benjamin H.

"Incredible muscle definition with Emshape. I'm addicted to the results!"

Daniel M.

"I can't believe the difference in my arms after Emshape. Worth every session."

Rachel K. -

"Emshape is a life-saver for busy folks. I feel more toned and energized."


Shape Up Your Confidence with Pink Parlour's EMS Shape!

Expertise and Experience

With years of experience in the beauty and wellness industry, Pink Parlour boasts a team of highly trained professionals who are experts in body sculpting and muscle-building treatments. Our specialists are dedicated to helping you achieve your body transformation goals.

Advanced Technology

Pink Parlour utilises the latest EMS Shape technology to provide efficient and effective muscle-building and body-slimming treatment, ensuring you achieve the best results in body sculpting.

Customised Treatment Plans

Each EMS Shape treatment is tailored to your individual needs and body goals, offering personalised care and attention to maximise results. Whether you are looking for fat-burning or body slimming in Singapore, we have the right plan for you.

Comfortable Environment

Enjoy your treatments in a relaxing and comfortable environment designed to provide a luxurious experience while you work towards your fitness and aesthetic goals. Our clinic is the perfect place for your body slimming journey.

Proven Results

Pink Parlour's EMS Shape treatments are backed by numerous success stories and positive testimonials, reflecting the effectiveness and satisfaction of their clients. Our slimming treatment has helped many achieve their desired body transformation.

Holistic Approach

Beyond just EMS Shape, Pink Parlour offers a comprehensive range of beauty and wellness services, allowing you to benefit from a holistic approach to your health and beauty regimen. Our slimming treatment is part of a complete wellness package.

Commitment to Safety

Pink Parlour prioritises the safety and well-being of its clients, ensuring all treatments are performed with the highest standards of hygiene and professionalism. Our body slimming treatment is conducted in a safe and controlled environment.

Convenient Location

Located in a prime area, Pink Parlour is easily accessible, making it convenient for you to schedule and attend your EMS Shape sessions. Our clinic is the go-to destination for body slimming in Singapore.

Boasting over 5,000 + verified 5-star ratings from real customers on both Google and Facebook. Pink Parlour is widely regarded as the premier destination for first-time visitors seeking top-tier body beautiful services."

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Wrap-Up: Sculpt, Slim, and Shine!

EMS Shape is your ultimate companion for achieving a toned, sculpted, and slimming physique without the sweat. Embrace this high-tech body sculpting solution and let the magic of HIFEM energy transform your body, leaving you feeling stronger, more confident, and ready to shine! Don’t wait—start your journey to a slimmer, more sculpted you. Book your EMS Shape session now! Your transformation begins today!

Need more information?

We can help you to understand any  questions you may have

  • Is fat freeze a safe procedure?
    Yes, fat freeze is a safe and FDA-approved procedure for fat reduction. The technology has been extensively studied and is used worldwide for non-invasive body contouring. The controlled cooling used in the procedure targets only fat cells without damaging surrounding tissues or skin. It's a non-surgical alternative to traditional fat removal methods like liposuction, which carries more risks and requires a longer recovery period.
  • Can men benefit from fat freeze treatments?
    Absolutely! Fat freeze is effective for both men and women looking to reduce stubborn fat areas. Men often seek fat freeze treatments for areas such as the abdomen, flanks, and chest. The procedure helps in achieving a more defined and sculpted physique, which is why it's becoming increasingly popular among men looking to enhance their body contours without undergoing surgery.
  • How many sessions of fat freeze will I need?
    The number of fat freeze sessions needed varies depending on the individual's goals and the amount of fat in the targeted area. Many patients achieve their desired results after just one session, but others may require additional treatments to reach their goals. During your consultation, your specialist will assess your needs and recommend a personalised treatment plan to ensure the best outcomes for your body slimming journey.
  • Are there any side effects or downtime associated with fat freeze?
    Fat freeze is known for having minimal side effects and downtime. Common side effects may include temporary redness, swelling, bruising, and numbness in the treated area, which typically resolve within a few days to weeks. Most patients can return to their normal activities immediately after the procedure. The non-invasive nature of fat freeze means there are no incisions, stitches, or extended recovery periods, making it a convenient option for many.
  • How long do the results of fat freeze last?
    The results of fat freeze are long-lasting as the treated fat cells are permanently eliminated from the body. However, it's important to maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent the remaining fat cells from expanding. By continuing to eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly, you can enjoy the benefits of your fat freeze treatment for years to come. Your specialist will provide you with aftercare tips to help maintain your new body shape.
  • What can I expect during a fat freeze treatment session?
    During a fat freeze treatment session, a cooling applicator is placed on the targeted area to begin the Cryolipolysis process. You may feel intense cold initially, but this sensation typically subsides as the area becomes numb. The session lasts about 35 to 60 minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated. You can relax, read, or even nap during the session. After the applicator is removed, the treated area is massaged to help break down the frozen fat cells and enhance the results.
  • How does fat freeze work and what results can I expect?
    Fat freeze works by delivering controlled cooling to targeted fat cells beneath the skin. The process, known as Cryolipolysis, freezes these fat cells, causing them to crystallise and die. Over time, your body naturally processes and eliminates these dead cells, resulting in a reduction of fat in the treated area. Most patients begin to see changes as early as three weeks after their slimming treatment, with the most dramatic results occurring over a period of two to three months.
  • How soon can I see the results after a fat freeze treatment?
    Initial results from fat freeze can be seen as early as three weeks post-treatment, with the most significant changes occurring between two to three months. As your body continues to process and eliminate the frozen fat cells, improvements can continue for up to six months. Patience is key, as the gradual nature of the fat reduction ensures a more natural and lasting transformation. Your specialist will schedule follow-up appointments to monitor your progress and ensure you achieve the best possible outcome.
  • What areas of the body can be treated with fat freeze?
    Fat freeze can target various areas of the body where stubborn fat tends to accumulate. Common treatment areas include the abdomen, flanks (love handles), thighs, double chin, upper arms, and bra fat. The versatility of fat freeze makes it a popular choice for those looking to refine multiple areas of their body and achieve a more balanced and contoured appearance.
  • Who is an ideal candidate for fat freeze?
    The ideal candidate for fat freeze is someone who is close to their ideal body weight but has stubborn fat areas that are resistant to diet and exercise. It’s particularly effective for individuals who want to target specific fat deposits without undergoing surgery. It's important to note that fat freeze is not a weight loss solution but rather a body contouring treatment. People with significant amounts of excess weight may not see the desired results and should consider other weight loss methods first.
  • What is the treatment procedure?
    The treatment area is subjected to the treatment probe of the device which emits the light beam onto the skin. Consultant uses the treatment probe to make gliding motions to the treatment area gently.
  • What does the treatment feel like?
    The procedure is free of pain. There might be a slight tingly warm sensation when the light beams are being applied.
  • Who is suitable for the treatment?
    Alpha Light IPL Hair Removal is suitable for the skin types as following: Skin Type I : White Skin Type II : Light Beige Skin Type III: Beige Skin Type IV: Light Brown Skin Type V: Moderate Brown Skin Type VI: Brown & Black
  • What should I wear to my EMS Shape appointment?
    For your EMS Shape appointment, it is recommended to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. You may be asked to change into a treatment gown or appropriate attire provided by Pink Parlour for the session. It is important to wear clothing that allows easy access to the areas being treated. Avoid wearing any metal accessories or jewellery, as they need to be removed before the treatment begins. Your comfort is our priority, and our team will ensure you feel relaxed and at ease during your EMS Shape session.
  • Are there any restrictions before or after an EMS Shape treatment?
    There are no significant restrictions before or after an EMS Shape treatment, making it a hassle-free procedure. However, it is advisable to stay hydrated and maintain a healthy lifestyle to optimise your results. You may want to avoid heavy meals or excessive caffeine intake immediately before your session to ensure your comfort during the treatment. After the treatment, it is important to listen to your body and allow for adequate rest if you experience any muscle soreness. Your treatment specialist at Pink Parlour will provide you with detailed pre- and post-treatment guidelines to help you achieve the best possible outcomes.
  • What should I do to prepare for an EMS Shape session?
    To prepare for an EMS Shape session, it is recommended to stay hydrated and avoid heavy meals or excessive caffeine intake immediately before your appointment. Wear comfortable clothing that allows easy access to the treatment areas, and remove any metal accessories or jewellery. Ensure you have communicated your medical history and any concerns to your treatment specialist during your consultation. By following these simple steps, you can ensure a comfortable and effective EMSShape treatment experience.
  • What should I expect after an EMS Shape session?
    After an EMS Shape session, you may experience mild muscle soreness similar to the feeling after an intense workout. This is a normal response to the high-intensity muscle contractions induced by the treatment and usually subsides within a few days. You can resume your daily activities immediately, as there is no downtime required. To optimise your results, it is important to follow the post-treatment guidelines provided by your specialist, stay hydrated, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Over time, you will notice improvements in muscle tone, definition, and overall body contour.
  • How many EMS Shape sessions are needed for visible results?
    The number of EMS Shape sessions needed for visible results can vary depending on individual goals and the specific areas being treated. On average, most clients start noticing visible changes after 4-6 sessions. However, for optimal results, a full treatment course of 8-12 sessions is often recommended. Each session typically lasts around 30 minutes, and treatments are usually scheduled twice a week. The results are cumulative, meaning each session builds upon the previous one, leading to progressive improvements in body shape and muscle tone. During your consultation at Pink Parlour, our specialists will create a customised treatment plan tailored to your unique needs and goals, ensuring you achieve the best possible outcomes.
  • Is there any downtime after an EMS Shape treatment?
    No, there is no downtime after an EMS Shape treatment. Clients can return to their daily activities immediately after the session, making it a convenient option for those with busy schedules. The non-invasive nature of EMS Shape means there are no incisions, anaesthesia, or recovery time required. You may experience mild muscle soreness, similar to the feeling after an intense workout, but this typically subsides within a few days. The ability to resume normal activities immediately after treatment is one of the key benefits of EMS Shape, allowing you to achieve your body slimming and sculpting goals without disrupting your daily routine.
  • Can EMS Shape help with post-pregnancy body contouring?
    Yes, EMS Shape can be an effective solution for post-pregnancy body contouring. Many women struggle with excess fat and weakened muscles in the abdominal area after childbirth. EMS Shape helps to target these problem areas by inducing intense muscle contractions that strengthen and tone the abdominal muscles while promoting fat burning. This dual-action approach can help new mothers regain their pre-pregnancy body shape more quickly and effectively. However, it is important to consult with your healthcare provider before starting any body sculpting treatments postpartum to ensure it is safe and appropriate for your individual situation.
  • How can I maintain my EMS Shape results long-term?
    To maintain your EMS Shape results long-term, it is important to continue following a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise and a balanced diet. Staying hydrated and getting adequate rest also contribute to sustaining your body transformation results. Periodic maintenance sessions of EMS Shape can help preserve muscle tone and keep stubborn fat at bay. At Pink Parlour, we provide ongoing support and recommendations to help you maintain your results and enjoy a toned and sculpted physique for the long term.
  • Are there any side effects of EMS Shape slimming treatment?
    EMS Shape is a safe and non-invasive treatment with minimal side effects. The most common side effect is mild muscle soreness, similar to the feeling after an intense workout. This soreness is a normal response to the high-intensity muscle contractions induced by the treatment and usually subsides within a few days. Some clients may also experience slight redness or swelling in the treated area, but these effects are temporary and typically resolve quickly. It is important to follow the post-care guidelines provided by your treatment specialist to minimise any discomfort and ensure the best results. At Pink Parlour, we prioritise your safety and comfort, and our team is always available to address any concerns or questions you may have.
  • Are there any medical conditions that may prevent me from getting EMS Shape?
    Certain medical conditions may contraindicate EMS Shape treatments. Individuals with implanted electronic devices (such as pacemakers), metal implants in the treatment area, or certain neurological conditions may not be suitable candidates for EMS Shape. It is important to disclose your full medical history to your treatment specialist during the consultation to ensure your safety. Additionally, pregnant women should not undergo EMS Shape treatments. Our team at Pink Parlour will conduct a thorough assessment to determine if EMS Shape is a safe and appropriate option for you.
    Clinical studies have shown 4 to 6 sessions (done on a once a month basis) as an average to see hair reduction between 60% to 80%. However, it is important to continue the treatment whenever you see hair growing (at an average of once every 2 to 3 months) to ensure you achieve the desired results. Touch up sessions may be necessary as there will always be hair that we may have missed during the course of treatments due to hair being in sleeping cycles. At Pink Parlour, we want the best results for you, thus, we bundle our treatments in 12 months or 24 months’ program to ensure you will achieve the best results without the fear of paying for the program that does not fulfil your final need of Hair Reduction.
    IPL Underarm Hair Removal is a revolutionary way to eliminate unwanted hair. It is a safe, fast, and effective way to remove hair from the underarm area permanently. The procedure uses an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) device, which emits a gentle light that is absorbed by the hair follicle. The light causes the hair follicle to be destroyed, and the hair is then naturally expelled from the body.
    Alpha Light does not treat very light-colored hair with little or no pigments.
    Pink Parlour prides itself on honesty and integrity when we conduct our business. Your results are our main obsession and we want to see your hair free as much as you want to be hair-free. Pink Parlour can give assurance that you will see your hair being treated, meaning, hair fall will occur usually a week to 3 weeks after each session. If you feel in any way that your treatment has not been effective, simply drop us a note and we will ensure you will be looked after. There will always be a small number of people whom LT Hair Removal technologies will never work, and we will not be able to guarantee that you do not fall into that category. With our extensive history of over 10 years doing LT Hair Removal, we have seen less than 1% of clients who are NOT SUITABLE candidates. Who will then not be candidates for LT Hair Removal like Alpha Light? ​​ People with very Active Hormones cannot be treated even though after every successful session of Alpha Light, the roots get destroyed and hair falls, but active hormones encourage regeneration of the follicles encouraging new hair growth. This is beyond what we can aid and we cannot be responsible for the inability to treat a person who has hormonal issues. People on Hormone Replacement Therapies. Some people who are undergoing menopause and being treated by HRT may not be suitable candidates as we cannot determine if hormone therapy can encourage hair regrowth and promote active hair growth. Very light hair colour we are unable to treat as it will not absorb the heat needed to destroy the roots. People with very dark skin are at a high risk of burns even though they will ultimately achieve hairless.
    Yes, there is a low risk of burn for areas with dark pigments or patches. Avoid direct sun exposure to the treated area to prevent burn.
    Ensure the therapist hands you protective eye gear during the treatment.
    We recommend against any form of LT hair removal if you have very dark skin. We have treated many clients with medium skin tones with much success but we do not take the risk if you have very dark skin that cannot differentiate the colour of your hair and skin. As this technology uses light and heat to detect the darker hair, it will be difficult to selectively treat hair without burning the skin as dark skin absorbs much of the heat without reflecting.
    A revolutionary way to eliminate unwanted hair by Pink Parlour. It is a safe, fast, and effective way to permanently remove hair from the underarm area. The procedure uses an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) device, which emits a gentle light that is absorbed by the hair follicle. The light causes the hair follicle to be destroyed, and the hair is then naturally expelled from the body. It also provides long-lasting results, as the hair follicles are destroyed, and the hair does not grow back. Moreover, the area is left smooth and hair-free, and no downtime is required after the treatment.
    It is a revolutionary system that offers a painless and permanent solution for unwanted hair. The system utilizes advanced laser technology and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) to safely and effectively remove hair from all body areas. This innovative technology and unique design provide fast and effective treatment, and results can be seen in as little as one session. The system is also safe and comfortable and targets the root of the hair follicle. This helps to reduce the risk of irritation and ingrown hairs while also ensuring that the results are long-lasting. With Alpha Light Permanent Hair Removal, you can say goodbye finally to unwanted hair and enjoy smooth and hair-free skin with minimal effort.
    Yes, we offer shaving service at $20 with a new set of disposable shavers.
    Yes, IPL Underarm Hair Removal provides long-lasting results, as the hair follicles are destroyed, and the hair does not grow back. The area is left smooth and hair-free; no downtime is required after the treatment. IPL Underarm Hair Removal is a safe, fast, and effective way to permanently remove hair from the underarm area.
    There is no technology in the market that is able to promise completely smooth and hair-free results forever. This is because, at any point in time, every human being has a varied percentage of sleeping hair within our skin that cannot be treated during this sleeping phase. These sleeping hair can only be treated when they become active. These fine hairs can be treated in future touch up sessions once they become active and grow. However, due to the depth of Alpha Light Technology, we are able to capture more hair more effectively. On average, one to two touch up sessions a year for the 2nd and 3rd year can achieve over 98% hair free for many years. It will be unlikely that a person who has undergone the full course of Alpha Light treatment and achieving hairless-ness will experience a full regrowth again with an exception of hormonal therapy which may cause hair to become active.
    While undergoing any form of laser/permanent hair removal, it is best that you shave 3 to 7 days prior to your session. Stop waxing and epilating while you are actively undergoing your sessions as removing the roots will make it difficult to treat the hair.
    Alpha Light successfully treats unsightly ingrown hairs and helps lighten pigmentation problems.
    Apply sunscreen on the treated area and avoid direct exposure to the sun. Schedule your appointment at least 3 days later if you have been under strong sunlight or sunburnt.
    Alpha light is suitable for most skin types except for very dark skin tones.
    Avoid warm water, sauna, steam, and hot bath after treatment as they may aggravate discomfort.
    No, this technology works best on hair with coloured pigments and melanin. For people with very light coloured hair, it is difficult for the hair to absorb any heat which is required to disable the hair follicles. This will work if you have dark brown or medium brown hair, but not blond.
    Alpha Light Permanent Hair Removal utilizes advanced laser technology and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) to safely and effectively remove hair from all body areas. Is Alpha Light Permanent Hair Removal permanent and safe to use? Yes, it offers a painless and permanent solution for unwanted hair. It is also safe and comfortable and targets the hair follicle's root. This helps to reduce the risk of irritation and ingrown hairs while also ensuring that the results are long-lasting.
  • Is there any downtime or recovery period after an EMS Shape session?
    EMS Shape is a non-invasive treatment with no downtime. Clients can resume their daily activities immediately after a session without any restrictions.
    Yes, our Pink Parlour Boudoir Soothe Calm Protect Lotion helps calm the skin, reduce redness and prevent itching. The tea tree oil also acts as an antimicrobial to prevent infection of the follicles.
  • Can I combine facial waxing with other treatments on the same day?
    While combining treatments can be possible, it's advisable to consult with Pink Parlour's experts before scheduling multiple services in one session. They can recommend the best approach based on your skin's sensitivity and the treatments you're interested in.
  • Is facial waxing suitable for men's skin?
    Yes, facial waxing is suitable for men's skin. Pink Parlour uses high-quality waxing products that are formulated to be gentle on all skin types, ensuring a comfortable and effective waxing experience.
  • How long do the results of facial waxing last?
    The results of facial waxing can last anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on your hair growth cycle. Regular waxing appointments can lead to longer-lasting results over time.
  • Are there any post-waxing care tips I should follow?
    Yes, after your facial waxing session, it's important to avoid direct sunlight, hot showers, saunas, and harsh skincare products for the first 24 hours. Pink Parlour's estheticians will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions.
  • Is facial waxing painful?
    While some discomfort is normal during waxing, Pink Parlour's experienced estheticians use techniques to minimise pain. The high-quality wax and soothing post-wax products also help reduce discomfort and irritation.
  • What areas of the face can I get waxed?
    Pink Parlour offers a range of facial waxing services for men, including eyebrow shaping, upper lip waxing, chin waxing, and even full-face waxing. You can choose the specific areas you'd like to have waxed based on your preferences.
  • How do I prepare for a men's facial waxing session?
    Before your appointment, ensure that the hair in the waxing area is at least a quarter-inch long for optimal results. Avoid using any creams, lotions, or oils on the skin before your session. Arriving with clean, dry skin will help the wax adhere better and reduce the chances of irritation.
  • What is face waxing?
    Face waxing is a method of hair removal that involves applying warm wax to specific areas of the face, like the eyebrows, upper lip, chin, or cheeks, and then removing the wax along with the unwanted hair.
  • How often should I get my face waxed?
    The frequency of face waxing depends on how quickly your hair grows back and your personal preferences. Generally, it's recommended to wax every 2-4 weeks to maintain smooth skin.
  • Are there any side effects of face waxing?
    Some common side effects of face waxing include temporary redness, irritation, or minor breakouts. However, these side effects are usually mild and subside within a few hours to a day. People with sensitive skin may be more prone to these reactions.
  • How do I take care of my skin after face waxing?
    After face waxing, it's essential to keep the area clean and avoid touching or scratching it. Apply a soothing, alcohol-free moisturizer to calm the skin. Avoid direct sun exposure, hot showers, saunas, or swimming pools for at least 24 hours to prevent additional irritation.
  • Is face waxing painful?
    The level of pain experienced during face waxing can vary from person to person. Some individuals may find it uncomfortable or slightly painful, while others may experience only a mild sensation. The pain is typically temporary and subsides quickly.
  • Is face waxing safe for all skin types?
    Face waxing is generally safe for most skin types. However, people with certain skin conditions like eczema, rosacea, or sunburn should avoid waxing or consult a dermatologist before proceeding.
  • How long does the hair need to be for face waxing?
    For best results, the hair should be at least 1/4 inch long, which is roughly the length of a grain of rice. This allows the wax to grip the hair properly and remove it effectively.
  • Can I do face waxing at home?
    Yes, you can do face waxing at home, but it's essential to follow the instructions carefully and use the right products. If you're new to waxing or have sensitive skin, it might be best to visit a professional esthetician.
  • What is leg waxing?
    Leg waxing is a method of hair removal that involves applying warm wax to the legs and then removing the wax along with the unwanted hair, leaving the skin smooth and hair-free.
  • Can I wax over tanned skin?
    It's best to avoid waxing over recently tanned or sunburned skin, as it can be more sensitive and prone to irritation. Wait until the skin has healed before getting a wax.
  • What are the common side effects of leg waxing?
    Common side effects of leg waxing include temporary redness, mild irritation, or small bumps. These side effects typically subside within a few hours to a day.
  • Is leg waxing painful?
    The level of pain experienced during leg waxing can vary from person to person. Some individuals may find it uncomfortable or slightly painful, especially during the first session or if the hair is coarse. However, as you continue with regular waxing, the discomfort often reduces.
  • Can I exfoliate my legs before waxing?
    It's advisable to exfoliate your legs a day or two before waxing. Exfoliating helps remove dead skin cells and can prevent ingrown hairs, allowing for a smoother waxing experience.
  • Is leg waxing suitable for all skin types?
    Leg waxing is generally safe for most skin types, but people with sensitive skin should perform a patch test first to check for any adverse reactions.
  • How long will the results of leg waxing last?
    The results of leg waxing can last anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks, depending on individual hair growth rates. Regular waxing often weakens the hair follicles over time, resulting in finer and sparser regrowth.
  • How long does the hair need to be for leg waxing?
    For effective leg waxing, the hair should be at least 1/4 to 1/2 inch long (6-12 mm). Avoid shaving the legs for about 2-3 weeks before waxing to ensure the hair is long enough for the wax to grip.
  • How do I take care of my skin after leg waxing?
    After leg waxing, avoid hot baths, saunas, swimming pools, and direct sun exposure for at least 24 hours. Apply a soothing, alcohol-free moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated and calm any redness or irritation.
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    Participation in the plan is at your own risk. Pink Parlour is not liable for any damages arising from your participation.
  • Do you bleed after a Brazilian wax?
    Bleeding that occurs after waxing is typical for first-time/new waxers. It is more likely to occur in tight, sensitive areas such as the underarms or bikini line and Brazilian region. The bleeding tends to stop the same day that the wax.
  • What are Boyfriend Brazilian Candy Wax and its benefits?
    This kind of waxing eliminates all hair from the bikini area. It is usually performed in a salon or spa and is known for its long-lasting effects and comfortable experience.
  • Do you wear anything during a Brazilian wax?
    Many salons that offer to wax provide disposable underwear for you to wear during your appointment to protect your clothing from becoming sticky from wax. However, you can wear whatever you're most comfortable with in the clothes you prefer. Your Therapist will be able to accommodate your requirements and your comfort level.
  • How long after Brazilian wax can I shower?
    Avoid hot baths, exercise saunas, steam, hot tubs, pools, and beaches for 24 hours after waxing. Sweating can transfer bacteria into the pores and could irritate the skin after the process of waxing. Make sure your hands aren't touching the freshly waxed skin to reduce the chances of getting irritations and tiny pimples.
  • Is Brazilian wax very painful?
    Many think that Brazilian waxes cause more pain than a typical bikini wax. However, by preparing correctly and with care, you will be able to lessen the discomfort you may feel during and following the waxing session.
  • Is leg waxing a painful procedure, and what type of waxing products do you use?
    Leg waxing can be painful, but the results are worth it. We use soft wax with a low temperature to prevent skin irritation. Pink Parlour uses high-quality waxing products specially formulated for sensitive skin so that you can achieve the desired results without any worries.
  • Is it better to shave or Brazilian wax?
    While the results are identical, there is a key difference in how long they last. In general, waxing takes approximately 3 to 4 weeks because hair is cut off at the root. The hair grows quickly after shaving; it takes three days to a week, and this is because shaving takes off the top layer of the hair.
  • Can I be intimate after a Brazilian wax?
    Medical professionals recommend taking a break for 24 to 48 hours following any bikini or bikini wax. The time frame is the most susceptible to infection by outside bacteria, which could cause an infection.
  • How Long Does Brazilian Wax Last for the First time?
    Avoid exercising, hot baths/showers, saunas, steam hot tubs, pools, and beaches for 24 hours following waxing. The sweating process can introduce bacteria into your pores, and it could irritate the skin after waxing. Avoid touching your hands with freshly waxed skin, which reduces the chances of developing small irritations or small pimples.
  • Is it OK to shave before Brazilian wax?
    It may seem counterintuitive; however, to achieve an old-fashioned shining vagina, it is necessary to grow it until the hairs are around one grain of rice in length ( 1/4 inch). The length can be greater as well. The length is required, so the wax is able to grip the hairs. No matter what you decide to do, do NOT shave prior to the appointment.
  • How do I prepare for my first Brazilian wax?
    Make sure you shower before your appointment. Hair should not exceed about a quarter of inches (about 10-15 days after growth) to properly adhere to the wax. Refrain from shaving between sessions. Exfoliate gently the night before, or take a bath to prepare the skin for your wax. Chill. Attend your appointment as relaxed as you possibly can.
  • How long does the waxing procedure take?
    Pink Parlour employs a group of experienced and qualified waxing specialists who have undergone extensive training in order to provide a safe and hygienic service. Our waxing professionals guarantee that the waxing procedure is quick, effective, and comfortable. This enables you to have a painless and smooth waxing experience.
  • What are the benefits of leg waxing, and what technique does Pink Parlour use?
    Leg waxing effectively removes hair from the legs, leaving them smoother and longer-lasting. It also stimulates skin exfoliation. On the other hand, Pink Parlour employs a gentle waxing technique that minimizes pain and discomfort on the skin. This method also helps to reduce the likelihood of ingrown hairs.
  • What can you not do during a Brazilian wax?
    Don't have sex right after the wax. Don't bathe exactly after you have the wax. Don't do vigorous exercise right after you've had the wax. Do not exfoliate following an application of wax. Don't take a hot shower after a wax. Do not use synthetic fragrances and dyed soaps and lotions, and sprays. Do not wear tight-fitting clothes.
    There are no known major prohibitions after Insta-white treatment except for a hot shower, wearing tight clothes and any activities that will promote sweating. You can do all your daily routine a day after your Insta-white treatment.
    This may vary from each individuals, typically to achieve the best results a course of 6 -10 sessions is recommended spaced at one treatment weekly then monthly maintenance treatment to maintain the results.
    The Insta white treatment is allowed to any skin types and safe to all legal age. However, it is not recommended to clients with severe photo-sensitivity, skin with rashes and other atopic conditions like eczema, skin inflammation, psoriasis and other related skin dis-orders.
    Yes, Alpha light and Insta white treatment is the best treatment combination. It can be done same day.
    Barring any sensitive skin issues you might have, it's generally considered safe to do insta-white for pregnant or breastfeeding moms.
    Pink Parlour offers a wide variety of series or package treatment that is suitable to your own needs. Our beauty consultants can offer you the best series treatment highly favourable for you. Therefore self-scrubbing is a good idea but not the best option while you are under our skin care program. To avoid any complications it is best that you avoid any other treatments not advised by our beauty consultants.
    Depending on the skin condition, usually, you will need a tea tree moisturizer every night or the rose water gel.
    While we encourage clients to be hairless before doing Insta-white treatments, waxing is not good to combine or both treatments cannot be done together. A client can wax a day ahead before doing Insta-white treatment to avoid any irritation and possible infection of the hair follicles.
    Side effects are typically minimal and short-lived; limited to mild and temporary redness and tingling of the treatment area can be observed.
    The stubbles are from the shaving before, not the waxing done only a few days ago. Try waiting at least a month to 6 weeks, or until all your hair has grown out before your next waxing session. This way, all your hair, short and long, will be waxed together, ensuring a longer hair-free period.
    No, you should not. The longer the hair, the better the wax will grab it and the smoother your results will be.
    No, you will be walking as per normal. Brazilian waxing causes only instantaneous pain the moment the wax is being pulled. The pain will not linger on especially if hot wax is used. You should not experience any soar or discomfort thereafter. Some redness may occur with people with sensitivity or very thick hair, but this should go away after a few hours.
    Strip wax is thinly spread over the desired area. A paper strip is then pressed on the top and ripped off with a quick movement. This removes the wax along with the hair, roots and dead skin cells, leaving the skin smooth and exfoliated.
    As your pore will be opened after waxing, we discourage swimming, steam bath, sauna and jacuzzi for 24hrs thereafter. By exposing yourself to public water, you may be exposing yourself to bacteria that may lead to infection of the hair roots. For proper aftercare, we recommend Boudoir Sooth lotion which will help to heal open pores, prevents infection and stop itching.
    Tearing of the delicate vulva area only happens if strip wax is used on the same spot more than 3 times, or if the therapist is inexperienced and negligent. With HOT waxes, this is highly unlikely, as skin is not pulled by the wax.
    Waxing is a temporary method of hair removal which removes the hair from the root. New hairs will not grow back in the previously waxed area for 1 to 8 weeks. On average, a person waxes every 3 weeks to 8 weeks depending on the body part and how often waxing is done.
    Firstly we require your NRIC or passport for security purposes. You will also need to wash both the front and back as we remove all hair. During the procedure, the therapist will provide you instructional feedback on how to hold yourself. At no time will the therapist hold you so we will require your assistance.
    This depends on the individual. Compared to shaving, waxing reduces ingrown hair significantly. Ingrown hair can be prevented by regular exfoliation, starting from 3 days after waxing. There are also ingrown hair serums that will help to significantly reduce ingrown hair. Try Boudoir Smooth freedom lotion for serious ingrown which reduces ingrown hair, retards hair growth and makes hair growth finer.
    Because waxing removes hair from the roots, the main advantages will be: Hair does not grow back instantly, you will need to wax only once a month or once every 2 months on average. The new hair will be softer and finer. Each time the hair is waxed, the follicle gets damaged, which also explains why some hair may stop growing after repeated waxing. Skin is smooth to the touch as opposed to a stubby sensation from shaving.​
    There are a few things you can look out for when deciding on a Brazilian wax treatment to ensure minimal pain. The experience of the therapist is vital. The level of pain that you experience depends on the skill of the therapist. An experienced therapist will know how big a portion to wax, where to place the wax, the best pull and how to stretch the skin giving you minimal pain with every rip. Choose a place that uses HOT wax (either completely or on the delicate areas). Hot wax grips only the hair without tugging the skin. Pain is also reduced as you only feel the pain from the hair roots and not the pain of the skin being pulled as is the case with strip waxes. Book your waxing appointment about a week before or after menstruation, your skin is least tender and sensitive during these periods. Do not wait too long in between waxing sessions. We recommend waxing every 4 to 6 weeks for minimal pain. Use products like Pink Parlour Boudoir Smooth Bump Free Lotion, this light cream retards the hair growth, reduces ingrown hair and makes new hair growth finer. The finer hair roots will mean faster and less painful waxing by the next waxing session. Another advantage you will notice is that the skin colour gets evened up and lightened within 2 weeks of application. There have been claims that taking a pain killer or aspirin an hour before helps to reduce the pain, but so far, there has not been any testimonials to prove this works. But it is definitely worth a try if you are fearful. Numbing sprays tend to work only on the surface of the skin. Thus it works better if you are waxing with strip wax – where the surface of the skin is being pulled. If your therapist is using HOT wax, these sprays may not be of much help. But for the fearful, this may be an option.
    It depends on the kind of wax used by your therapist, on average, a good quality wax can grip short and fine hair as short as 3mm to 5mm. However, do bear in mind that if shaving is done about 1 to 2 weeks before waxing, some of the hair may not have grown out during your treatment, and stubbles may start appearing almost immediately. These are from your shaving, not to be mistaken as quick regrowths from the waxing.
    Wax is directly applied to the skin. It hardens when it cooled, allowing easy removal by the therapist without the aid of strips. This waxing method is very beneficial to people who have sensitive skin as it does not remove or grip the skin. For sensitive areas around the Bikini, it is best to use hot wax as pain is greatly reduced and tearing of the delicate skin is unlikely. ​
    Pimples on the butt can be the result of blocked pores. Yes, your bum has pores too. And they can become clogged—just like pores anywhere else on your body—and cause acne.
    We advise that before setting an appointment for Bumbum facial you need to Skip any strong at-home skin treatments the week before your appointment and any exfoliation treatments a few days before your appointment to us. Stay out of the sun and away from tanning for five days before your Bumbum facial. Know the names of the skincare products you are using at home for us to identify treatment-to-product contraindication. And lastly, wear loose clothing and void tight underpants and jeans.
    Depending on the skin condition, usually, you will need a tea tree moisturizer every night or as advised by our staff. For home butt care, you can use the Butt lifting patch to enhance the butt firming and lifting effect after your Bumbum facial.
    The skin on our buttocks becomes dark due to many reasons like lack of blood circulation as we spend most of our time sitting down, due to the accumulation of dead skin, lack of exfoliation, constant friction by tight clothes, and lack of moisturizing.
    Ages from 18 to 60 have no restrictions. Those under 18 or above 60 years old will first undergo initial skin and physical evaluation by our staff to check general fitness and suitability for the treatment.
    Unless you follow a skincare routine created by your Esthetician, you don’t want a bum facial too frequently. Once a week is highly recommended to fully enjoy glowing skin, it’s important to give your bumbum the care it needs. One bum facial in your lifetime isn’t enough to keep your skin happy. That’s why it’s important to work with our professional staff to check your most suitable treatment time and schedules.
    You can go to your normal routine. However, avoid activities that promote excessive sweating like gym, sauna, direct sunlight or sunbathing, and cycling.
    Blended with all-natural herbs and hyaluronic acid, the patch effectively and safely enhances the tightness and contour of your butt by infusing skin-plumping nutrients deeply. Rich in anti-oxidant ingredients, simply applies the patch to improve skin elasticity with deep moisturizing, to give you the look of a smoother and firmer butt. Anti-cellulite, anti-wrinkle and restore skin elasticity. Deep-layer nourishment of ingredients to enhance smoothness. Stimulates collagen and cell tissue activation with continual use. Promotes blood circulation to increase plumpness. Easy absorbing plant-based components for intense hydration. Hypoallergenic, safe for all skin types.
    Aside from our Bumbum facial treatment, we can recommend the following to help you avoid bum marks, here are some tips. Wash regularly – One of the most important ways of preventing infection is to bathe regularly with a good antibacterial soap. If you’re prone to butt acne, a first step may be to wash the skin in the morning and evening. This can help get rid of dirt and bacteria buildup from sweat. Wear loose-fitting clothing – “Normally, bacteria sits on the skin, but tight-fitting clothing can rub the bacteria back down into the pores, causing breakouts,” You might consider taking a break from spandex or skinny jeans in favor of a looser and more breathable bottom. Choose to clothe, especially underwear, made from natural cotton if you can. Sit on a warm washcloth – Wet a washcloth with warm, but not too hot, water. Gently place the damp cloth over the area on your butt that’s having an outbreak of acne. The warmth will be soothing and may help to open pores and draw out some of the bacteria and pus. You could also take a warm bath or use a “sitz bath. Tea tree oil comes from the leaves of a tree in Australia. It’s been used for many years to treat different skin infections and wounds. Studies have shown that it’s effective in killing bacteria and maybe almost as effective as benzoyl peroxide for treating acne. Tea tree soothing lotion is available in all Pink Parlour shops. Avoid fabric softeners. Some people’s skin can be sensitive to different fabrics or laundry products. That’s why most brands of laundry detergent have a hypoallergenic version. If you suspect that detergent, fabric softeners, or dryer sheets may be causing you issues, switch to something without dyes or skip certain products altogether. Shower after a workout. Leaving the sweat and dirt on your skin after a workout can be a big contributor to butt acne. Make sure you hop in the shower as soon as possible after a sweat session. If you’re wearing tight workout pants, it’s especially important. You’ll also want to make sure to wash workout clothes after each use. Exfoliate using a luffa, also known as a loofah, or a mild exfoliating wash helps get rid of dead skin cells and dirt that could contribute to clogged follicles and infection.
    Our Butt-Lift Shaping Patch gives you instant lifting with an anti-sagging effect, as well as improves other butt problems like flatness, roughness, and cellulite.
    Most importantly you should know that, typically, breakouts on your butt aren’t acne. “Butt acne is not truly acne — it is, in fact, most often due to inflammation around hair follicles known as folliculitis, or an irritation secondary to chronic rubbing, which can come with wearing tightfitting clothes or even waxing,”
    Our Bumbum sexy radiance treatment can help you sculpt a firmer and bigger butt. Pairing with the right diet and nutritious foods with a regular workout routine can help amplify your results to get you a robust rear.
    Masks can help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and simultaneously plump your skin, which makes them perfect for both your face and your backside. “Any mask you can use on your face, you can also use on your butt,”. Our staff will also advise you of other essential butt masks available in our store.
    Clean and thoroughly dry your butt. Peel off the plastic liner and apply the patch on the butt. Let the patch stay for 15-30 mins. Remove the mask and gently massage the essence left until fully absorbed.
    The same reason why you need a facial. To detox, glow, hydrate, and rejuvenate. Now that you know a little about what a butt facial is, let’s delve a little deeper. You may be wondering why you need to get this type of treatment in the first place. Good question! So, what are the main reasons to get a butt facial? Here are three undeniable advantages to taking care of your booty with this amazing skincare treatment. 1. Improve Circulation, Believe it or not, research suggests that cellulite is linked to poor circulation to your butt. With that in mind, one of the biggest reasons to get a butt facial is to help tackle the underlying problem. Your expert practitioner will use a variety of techniques. Everything You need to know about Bum Bum Facial 2. Avoid Buttne Buttne–acne of the butt—is a common problem where small red bumps form on your booty. Butt facials can include cryotherapy, oxygen, ultraviolet lights, and glycolic acid treatments to combat this issue. Glycolic acid is a chemical exfoliator and perfect for removing dead skin cells on the butt that can cause unpleasant buttne. It’s the perfect butt acne treatment! 3. Get Healthy Skin! Let’s be real: the butt is the new face and we need to keep butt skin ageless and smooth. Someone once told me it is not always about the look but it is also about the feel and self-love is about touch and loving your body! Plus, when you hit the beach this summer, you will be filled with confidence
    Generally, all skin type has no contraindications to Bumbum facial except for the following conditions: pregnant women, skin with rushes, wound, yeast/fungal infection and other types of dermatophyte infection, and any person with HSV 2.
    You already know the answer to this. That’s a big ol’ no, nope, never. You should never pop, pick, or prod anything yourself, really, and doing any of the above to your butt acne will not only make your breakout worse but also lead to scarring and post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation afterwards.
  • How long will it take to see results from lipo laser?
    Results from Lipo Laser may become visible over several weeks as your body naturally eliminates the treated fat. However, the timeline can vary depending on individual factors and the specific treatment plan.
  • How do I know if Lipo Laser is right for me?
    Lipo Laser may be suitable for those looking to reduce localized fat deposits without surgery. A consultation with a professional therapist can help determine if you are a qualified based on your specific goals and health status.
  • Why do this service vs just dieting and exercising?
    Choosing this service over dieting and exercising alone offers several advantages. While diet and exercise are essential for overall health, they may not always effectively target stubborn fat deposits in specific areas. This service provides a non-invasive or minimally invasive method to address localized fat, allowing you to achieve your body shaping goals more efficiently and with precision. It can be particularly beneficial for those who have already made progress through diet and exercise but need that extra push to contour their bodies. Additionally, this service can help stimulate collagen production, which may lead to some skin tightening, enhancing the overall aesthetic results. It complements a healthy lifestyle and can be a valuable addition to your body transformation journey.
  • Are the results of lipo laser permanent?
    The results of Lipo Laser are long-lasting, but they are not always permanent. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial to prevent the return of fat in treated areas. If you gain a significant amount of weight, it may affect the results.
  • What will my recovery be like?
    Lipo Laser is a non-invasive procedure, so there is usually little to no downtime. You can typically return to your daily activities immediately after treatment.
  • How should I prepare for a laser lipolysis treatment?
    Your provider will offer specific pre-treatment guidelines, but generally, you may be advised to stay well-hydrated and avoid excessive sun exposure before the procedure. It is important to follow your provider's instructions to ensure optimal results.
  • Is lipo laser a weight loss solution?
    Lipo Laser is not primarily a weight loss solution. It is designed to target and reduce localized fat deposits. While you may lose some weight due to fat reduction, it's not a substitute for traditional weight loss methods such as diet and exercise. It's more suitable for body contouring and shaping.
  • How long does it take to recover?
    Recovery time after Lipo Laser is typically minimal. You can often resume your regular activities immediately after the procedure. There is no extended recovery period as is often associated with surgical liposuction.
  • Is laser lipolysis safe?
    Laser lipolysis is generally considered safe when performed by trained professionals. It's a non-invasive procedure with minimal risks and side effects. However, it is essential to choose a reputable provider to ensure safety and effectiveness.
  • Will laser lipo also tighten my skin?
    Laser lipolysis can have a mild skin-tightening effect due to the stimulation of collagen production. While it is not a replacement for surgical skin-tightening procedures, it can improve the appearance of the skin in treated areas. The extent of skin tightening may vary from person to person.
  • What areas of the body can be treated with EMS Shape?
    EMS Shape is versatile and treats multiple areas, including the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and arms, effectively toning and sculpting muscles in these regions.
  • How can one free session of EMS Shape benefit me?
    The complimentary session provides a chance to see how EMS Shape works, experience its effects on your body, and determine if it aligns with your fitness and aesthetic goals.
  • Is there any downtime or recovery period after an EMS Shape session?
    EMS Shape is a non-invasive treatment with no downtime. Clients can resume their daily activities immediately after a session without any restrictions.
  • Can I ask questions or express concerns during the free session?
    Absolutely! Our trained professionals are here to address any questions or concerns you may have before, during, or after your session. We want you to feel informed and supported throughout the process.
  • Why are you offering one free session of EMS Shape?
    We believe in providing our clients with the opportunity to experience the benefits of EMS Shape firsthand before making a commitment. This free session allows you to assess whether EMS Shape is right for you without any financial obligation.
  • How does EMS Shape work and what results can I expect?
    EMS Shape utilizes high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy to induce powerful muscle contractions, leading to muscle growth and fat reduction. Results include improved muscle tone and a more sculpted appearance.
  • Are there any medical conditions or contraindications that would make me ineligible for EMS Shape?
    A typical EMS Shape treatment plan consists of multiple sessions, usually spaced a few days apart. The specific schedule may vary depending on your goals and your provider's guidance.
  • How do I schedule my complimentary EMS Shape session?
    Scheduling your free EMS Shape session is easy. Simply contact us via phone, email, or our website, and our friendly staff will assist you in booking your appointment at a convenient time for you.
  • What if I'm unsure about committing after the free session?
    If you're unsure about committing after the free session, there's no pressure to continue. We want you to feel confident and comfortable with your decision.
  • Is there any catch or obligation associated with the one free session?
    There's no catch or obligation associated with the free session. It's our way of introducing you to EMS Shape and allowing you to make an informed decision about whether to pursue further sessions.
  • What should I consider before signing up for the one free session?
    Before signing up, consider your fitness objectives, any specific areas you want to target, and your willingness to commit to regular sessions for optimal results.
  • Are there any special supplements or diets I need to follow before or after the EMS Shape treatment?
    No special diets or supplements are needed, but maintaining a balanced diet and regular exercise can enhance the results of your EMS Shape treatment. Your provider may provide specific recommendations for optimal results.
  • Why is EMS Shape the ONE in body shaping?
    EMS Shape is a cutting-edge method that sculpts your muscles and reduces fat in specific areas. It's non-invasive, efficient, and innovative for body shaping and muscle enhancement.
  • How cool is the Fat Freeze procedure? Does it hurt?
    The procedure can be quite cool, but the intense cold sensation typically subsides after a few minutes. Most people find it tolerable, and it's not generally described as painful.
  • Who should NOT have the Fat Freeze procedure?
    Fat Freeze may not be suitable for people with certain medical conditions, such as cryoglobulinemia, cold agglutinin disease, or paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria. It's essential to consult with a healthcare professional to determine eligibility.
  • Are there any pre-treatment requirements?
    Maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine, stay hydrated, and avoid excessive sun exposure for optimal results.
  • How fast will I see results?
    Full results may take weeks or months as your body naturally eliminates treated fat cells.
  • Can I return to normal activities after my treatment?
    Yes, there is no downtime. Most people can resume daily activities immediately.
  • Am I good EMS Shape candidate?
    EMS Shape is for anyone seeking muscle toning and fat reduction. Consult with a healthcare provider to check your eligibility based on your goals and health.
  • Am I a good Fat Freeze candidate?
    Ideal candidates are close to their desired weight, in good health, and have stubborn localized fat.
  • Can Fat Freeze procedure reduce fat anywhere on my body?
    Yes, fat freeze can target and reduce fat in various areas of the body, including the abdomen, thighs, love handles, and more. It's important to discuss your specific target areas with your provider.
  • Are the results permanent?
    Results are often long-lasting, but a healthy lifestyle is crucial for lasting effects.
  • Why choose this service vs. diet and exercise alone?
    This service offers unique advantages over diet and exercise alone. While diet and exercise are essential for overall health, they may not effectively target stubborn fat deposits. Our non-invasive approach precisely addresses localized fat, providing efficient body shaping. It's especially useful for enhancing the progress you've made through diet and exercise. Plus, it stimulates collagen production, potentially tightening the skin for improved aesthetics. It complements a healthy lifestyle, making it a valuable addition to your body transformation journey.
  • Can I multitask during my treatment?
    Many patients use their treatment time to relax, read, work on a laptop, or watch videos, making it possible to multitask during the procedure.
  • What does Fat Freeze procedure feels like?
    During the procedure, you may initially feel intense cold and pressure, followed by numbness. Many people read, work, or relax during the treatment.
  • Are there any side effects?
    Common side effects include temporary redness, swelling, bruising, and numbness. These typically subside within a few days to a few weeks.
  • Does the Fat Freeze system have safety features?
    Yes, the Fat Freeze system is designed with safety features to ensure the procedure is comfortable and effective. It's important to choose a reputable provider.
  • How many treatments are required and how long is the treatment time?
    The number of treatments needed varies based on individual goals and the area treated. A typical session lasts about 35–60 minutes. Your provider will create a personalized treatment plan.
  • Affordable prices
    We offer competitive prices to ensure our clients can afford our services.
  • Experienced professionals
    Our team of experienced waxing professionals is highly trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of hair removal, including Brazilian waxing.
  • Advanced technology
    We use the latest hair removal technology to ensure the most effective and safe results. We use only the best quality products to provide our clients with the best results.
  • Less Painful treatments
    Our treatments are designed to be as painless as possible, ensuring that our clients are comfortable during the process.
  • Fast and efficient hair removal services
    Our experienced therapists are highly trained to provide the best hair removal services quickly and efficiently.
  • How to make a booking?
    We Offer Hassle-Free LIVE BOOKINGS that will search instantly for availability. If you are a new customer, please create an account. And if you are an existing customer and you have forgotten your log in details. Pls let us know and we will be glad to help you.
  • How do I prepare for a laser hair removal session?
    To prepare for a laser hair removal session, avoid sun exposure, tanning treatments, and other hair removal methods such as waxing or plucking for at least two weeks prior. We also recommend shaving the area 24 hours before your treatment to enhance the effectiveness of the laser.
  • How can I book an appointment for hair removal services at Pink Parlour?
    Booking an appointment at Pink Parlour is convenient. You can schedule your visit through our online booking system, call our reception directly, or walk into our salon to make an appointment. We recommend booking in advance to secure your preferred time slot.
  • Are there any side effects associated with permanent underarm hair removal?
    Side effects from permanent underarm hair removal are generally minimal and temporary. Some clients might experience slight redness or swelling immediately after the treatment, but these symptoms usually subside within a few hours.
  • What should I expect during a Brazilian wax session at Pink Parlour?
    During a Brazilian wax at Pink Parlour, you can expect a professional and hygienic service performed by trained aestheticians. We use high-quality waxes that minimise discomfort and ensure a thorough removal of hair. The process typically lasts between 15 to 30 minutes, and we strive to ensure your comfort throughout.
  • Can I undergo hair removal services if I have sensitive skin?
    Yes, Pink Parlour caters to clients with sensitive skin. We offer various gentle hair removal options and use skin-soothing products to minimise irritation. It's important to discuss your skin concerns with our specialists who will tailor the treatment to suit your skin type.
  • What aftercare advice do you recommend following hair removal services?
    After any hair removal service, it's important to keep the area clean and avoid applying perfumed products or exposing the skin to direct sunlight for at least 24 hours. We also recommend using a mild, soothing lotion to reduce any potential irritation.
  • Is permanent underarm hair removal really permanent?
    Permanent underarm hair removal at Pink Parlour uses advanced technology to target and destroy hair follicles, resulting in a significant reduction of hair growth. While some clients may experience permanent hair loss, others might need occasional touch-ups to maintain the results.
  • How much does laser hair removal cost in Singapore?
    The cost of laser hair removal at Pink Parlour varies depending on the size of the treatment area and the number of sessions required for optimal results. We offer competitive pricing and packages to make our services accessible. For detailed pricing, please contact us or visit our pricing page on the website.
  • What are the benefits of Brazilian wax over shaving?
    Brazilian waxing at Pink Parlour offers longer-lasting results compared to shaving. It effectively removes hair from the root, which can lead to finer and sparser regrowth over time. Additionally, waxing exfoliates the skin, leaving it smoother and more refined.
  • How often should I get laser hair removal treatments to maintain results?
    The frequency of laser hair removal treatments at Pink Parlour depends on individual hair growth cycles but typically, treatments are scheduled every 4-6 weeks. After the initial series of treatments, you may need occasional maintenance sessions to address any residual hair growth.
  • What should I wear to Pink Parlour for the spray tan?
    You will be given a disposable hair net and g-string for the spray tan. Loose, dark-colored clothing is recommended after your Spray Tan.
  • Will I turn orange after my spray tan?
    Not at all! The Spray Tan solutions are formulated to give you a natural, just off the beach color. Use a pH balanced cleanser after your Spray Tan to prevent high pH levels in the skin, which can result in an 'orange' color.
  • Will my skin be patchy once the tan fades out?
    Spray tans fade naturally like a regular sun tan. However, it's best to exfoliate before the spray tan to prevent patchiness. A daily application of the "Collagen & Vitamin Enriched Moisturizer" will also help prevent patchiness during fading.
  • Are there any specific shower instructions I need to follow after my spray tan?
    Wait at least 6 – 12 hours before you shower and try to use a non-abrasive skin wash, such as a pH neutral soap. The Tan will continue to develop even after your shower for the next 24 hours.
  • How long does the spray tan last on my skin?
    Pink Parlour's Spray Tan can last on your skin for a good period of 7 to 10 days. You can also prolong your Tan up to 2 weeks by applying the after-care lotion, "Collagen & Vitamin Enriched Moisturizer."
  • How long should I wait after Pink Parlour's Spray Tan before swimming in the ocean, pool, or hot tub?
    Wait at least 48 hours after your Spray Tan appointment before going into the ocean, pool or hot tub, as chlorine and salt water will accelerate fading.
  • Do I need to wear sunscreen after the Pink Parlour Spray Tan?
    Yes, it is highly recommended to wear sunscreen when out in the sun as the spray tan solution does not have any SPF properties.
  • How do I prepare myself before the Pink Parlour Spray Tan?
    Exfoliate and moisturize your skin well a day before your appointment. Do not apply oils, creams, deodorant, or moisturizers on the day of your appointment.
  • Should I wax/shave before or after spray tan?
    Wax or shave 1 to 2 days before your appointment and do not wax/shave after your spray tan. Anything that exfoliates the skin will remove the color.
  • What are the spray tan colors that Pink Parlour offers?
    You may choose from mid and dark tones of chocolate, bronze, and gold. You may ask the therapist for advice on which color will suit you more.
  • What should I look out for after my spray tan?
    Do not shower or go to the gym before 6 hours, avoid washing your hands within the 1st hour, and do not perspire during the first few hours while the tan is developing.
  • How does the Pink Parlour Spray Tan work?
    The spray tan uses sunless tanning solution that reacts with proteins in the skin's superficial layer to form a golden brown color.
  • Can I apply makeup, deodorant, lotions or perfumes prior to treatment?
    It is advisable to avoid any of the above as clean, bare skin is ideal for the Spray Tan. Pink Parlour offers shower facilities at your convenience.
  • Is the facial scanning process suitable for all skin types?
    Absolutely! The facial scanning process is suitable for all skin types. Letitia will tailor her recommendations based on your unique skin characteristics and concerns.
  • Can I cancel or reschedule my appointment?
    Reservation cancellations are not allowed. Please ensure you are committed to your booking. For rescheduling, please contact our team at least 48 hours before your scheduled appointment.
  • Can I share my specific skin concerns with the therapist before the session?
    Of course! Letitia encourages clients to share their specific skin concerns and goals during the consultation. This information helps in tailoring the facial treatment to address your unique skincare needs
  • Can I wear makeup after the facial session?
    Depending on the type of facial treatment, it's advisable to wait a specific period before applying makeup. Letitia will provide post-facial care instructions, including guidance on when it's safe to resume your regular skincare routine.
  • How often should I undergo a facial treatment?
    The frequency of facial treatments depends on your skincare goals and individual needs. Letitia will provide personalized recommendations during your consultation.
  • What if I experience discomfort during the facial session?
    Your comfort is our priority. If you experience any discomfort during the facial session, please communicate with Letitia immediately. Adjustments can be made to ensure a relaxing and enjoyable experience.
  • Will the facial products used be suitable for my skin allergies?
    We understand the importance of using products that align with your skin allergies. Letitia will inquire about any allergies during the consultation to ensure the chosen products are safe for your skin.
  • How long does a facial scanning session take?
    A facial scanning session typically takes around 30 minutes. This includes the consultation, pre-scan preparation, the scanning process, and Letitia's personalized recommendations.
  • have sensitive skin. Are your facial treatments suitable for me?
    Absolutely! Our experienced facial therapists take extra care when dealing with sensitive skin. Letitia will analyze your skin type during the consultation and customize the treatment to suit your skin's needs.
  • How will the therapist determine the right facial for my skin concerns?
    Letitia will conduct a thorough skin analysis, taking into account your concerns, skin type, and goals. Based on this assessment, she will recommend the most suitable facial treatment to address your specific issues.
  • Is there any downtime after certain facial treatments?
    Downtime varies depending on the type of facial treatment. Letitia will provide detailed information about the expected downtime during the consultation, allowing you to plan your schedule accordingly.
  • Will the therapist extract blackheads or whiteheads during the facial?
    Extraction is a common step in facial treatments. Letitia will assess your skin's needs and discuss the extraction process during the consultation. This ensures transparency and allows you to feel comfortable with the planned procedures.
  • Can I get a refund ?
    Once purchased we offer a 30 day money back guarantee for the first month as long as no sessions have been used. If one is used and one left it will not be refunded the balance.
  • Can I use it in any other country?
    Yes as long as there is a pink parlour in that country you can use your sessions there pls do inform us via fb messenger if you wish to utilize it in that country providing us 24 working hours
  • After cancelling can I use my account ?
    After cancelling your session/a will remain for the balance of month paid after which it will be forfeited
  • What happens if my card fails?
    If we fail to receive your payment pls update us with your new card within the given month otherwise we will charge a $20 admin fee to re instatment your plan
  • What services can I use it for?
    You may refer to our service offering sheet which we will be adding to each year
  • Can I cancel anytime?
    Yes you can simply remove your card details on Zenoti or message and provide us 24 working hours to complete it.
  • Can I buy this under my name and let a friend use it ?
    Sorry no only the buyer can use it. Alternative is to use our credits to purchase a few months in advance and we can setup an account for the recipient.
  • Ok I paid how do I make a booking on your website or app?
    As a vip subscriber please contact us over WhatApp at xxxxxx to allow our Conciege team to book for you.
  • Can I refund if you change the services offered?
    Sorry no refunds for such circumstances
  • When does my plan end?
    Your plan ends every month and we will giro from your card?
  • Can I share the plan?
    Only the 3 session plan can be shared
  • Which locations can I use my plan?
    Any pink parlour in se asia
  • How can I get a free trial month?
    We unfortunately don't provide trial months as our subscription plans are basically trial prices already however you can purchase 12 months in advance and receive one month free! Ask your friendly therapist how!


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