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Why Pink Parlour is the leading beauty salon?

Pink Parlour has been in the beauty industry for almost 17 years, with its mission to empower women to take control of how they can look and feel, Pink Parlour was dedicated to offering beauty treatments that enhance confidence. Populating the spray tanning service in Singapore, and got to bring it across Asia.

Why do you think Pink Parlour is the leading beauty salon?

Let’s just put it this way, Pink Parlour is the only beauty salon that has its own private areas for waxing and IPL treatment. Also a shower area for our clients whose done with their treatment, so whenever they want to feel refreshed they can easily use our private shower areas.

On top of that, we make sure that our service is exceptional and always meet the expectation of our clients. This may sound cliche but trust us when we say we can guarantee a high quality of service. Our therapists are skilled and professional in their work, so no need to get worried and doubt our service. It’s a must to try with us! Definitely!

Just visit our website to know more about our services! Always remember to choose the right salon for your skin!


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