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10 Simple Home Hacks

The festive season is approaching. Your house is probably in a mess by now. Everything has been moved, misplaced and you’re pulling your hair out on how to tidy it. We’ve saved you the hassle by compiling our list of 10 ways, 10 very very simple ways you can reorganize your home. Low cost and easily available too.

Don’t throw away the date locks after you’re done with the loaf of bread. Flip it over and attach it to cables to identify which cable is for which appliance. Especially handy behind the TV, stereo set, wifi, and whatnot.

As for your bedroom/workstation, use paper clip binders so your cables never go haywire or drop too far from you.

Never go rummaging for pens, pencils, sticky note pads, paper clips, spare staples, and miscellaneous things again. Rinse out your jars and use them as a stationary department on your desk.

Having huge closets to organize clothes is just too costly for most of us. We can help! Simply organize from left to right! Left-most for fancy events followed by casual events then work, etc. Now that you know where to find your blouses, there’s no need to rummage through your whole rack again!

It’s so frustrating and definitely a chore when one earring goes missing. Use ice cube trays and place all of them together! This way, you can compare styles with ease too!

Install magnet strips in your kitchen so you never have the hassle of a messy knife rack. You can even attach spoons or whatever other cutlery you often use. Just grab and go.

You could even add the magnetic strips in the bathroom for your bobby pins, tweezers, and all those little devils that magically disappear.

Hang a clock in the toilet so it’s no excuse for being late. At the same time, it helps you keep track of how long you’ve been in the shower. Longer showers mean more water wasted.

Create a master copy of your grocery shopping list so you never have to crack your head thinking of the essentials or forgetting something and having to make a second trip down.

Of course, Get into a habit of cleaning out your refrigerator every time you bring home a new load of groceries. Dispose of old stale food and if it’s just a few mouthfuls of rice, just eat it next time, no point keeping it!

Hope this list was good enough to give you a kickstart to your new organized home. Definitely keep a look out and be creative to make your house even neater!


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