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3 Beauty Hacks To Impress Him This Valentine's Day

As Valentine’s Day is coming soon, we know you’re super excited about it (girls are ALWAYS more excited than boys haha), yet at the same time worry about it as you’re already thinking about what you have to wear or do to impress your crush or your boyfriend (But please don’t impress both of them, babes haha). We have some beauty tricks before V-Day that you should follow to impress your crush or your boyfriend.

1. Get Your Nails Done, Ladies!

Choosing your nail color can be one of the tricks to show your personality. If you choose yellow, he may think you are a cheerful and super confident person. By choosing red or burgundy, he may think you are a sophisticated – sexy girl! In addition, by giving your nails treatment, he may think you are a girl that really takes care of your body, which is great.

Tip: Don’t ruin your V Day with ugly nails, haha Get your nails done ONLY at a professional salon, to get the perfect color and shape.

2. Get Smooth and Be Hair Free

Don’t hesitate to show off your beautiful body while wearing your fab dress, but get rid of unwanted hair first (obviously!). The easiest way for you to do that is by getting a wax! There are SO MANY reasons why getting a wax before your V-Day is a must. Waxing can remove your hair perfectly, take longer to grow back, and brighten your skin as it removes dead skin cells. But waxing can be so painful if you don’t know the tricks and choose the wrong place. Click here to see tricks to get painless waxing.

3. Makeup and Dress up

From casual dates to romantic night-outs, don’t fail in dressing the part. You can wear any colors that perfectly suits you. From looking passionate in red, looking sweet in pink to looking sexy in black. Be outstanding on a romantic dinner by using a light bronze shade for your lid and a matte rose lipstick. Planning on casual dates? Try to look sexy without having to go overboard with winged eyes and pale pink lipstick.


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