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3 reasons why people love getting Bumbum facial

What is Bumbum Facial?

Bumbum facial is one of the services offered by Pink Parlour that aims to lighten, even, smoothen, and treat acne/acne scars on your butt skin. It is also often called butt facials which are both often interchanged with each other. Regardless of skin type, anyone can get this type of facial as an esthetician will select the treatment and techniques based on the client's type of skin.

What is the process?

1. Cleansing

2. Mild Scrub + Deep Scrub

3. Butt Energizing Cooling

4. Booty Mask

How long does it last?

One session of Bumbum Facial Treatment has a duration of 45 minutes.

Why love Bumbum Facial?

🍑 It treats Buttne and butt skin issues

Having those red bumps is a pain in the ass! When left untreated, it can cause irritation and may often lead to acne scars. Its degree of pain might be even twice the pain of having that acne on your face making it harder for you to be comfortable sitting down. The good thing is, that butt facial include cryotherapy, oxygen, ultraviolet lights, and glycolic acid treatments that help treat this little disturbance on your butt skin.

🍑 It moisturizes the skin

It is proven that getting a Bumbum facial improves blood circulation around your butt area and its vicinity. This type of facial detoxifies and rejuvenates your butt skin making your skin smooth and radiant.

🍑 It boosts one’s confidence!

Of course, there’s no shame in our flaws and imperfections as it is perfectly normal to have them. However, getting a Bumbum facial even once in a while helps boost our self-esteem and level up our confidence whenever we wear our bikinis upon going to the beach. After all, we always aim to achieve the best version of ourselves mentally and physically.

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