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5 Must Visit Places After Self-Quarantine

In facing the Covid-19 outbreak, the world was asked to keep a distance by social distancing, avoid the crowd, and not travel. Of course, this condition causes boredom for us. Of course, everyone is not patient to be able to travel again. But don’t worry babes, just because we can’t travel right now, that doesn’t mean we can’t keep the wanderlust alive and start planning for the future. So, plan and map out your next trip!

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And here is a list of must-visit places to visit after the outbreak is over.

1. Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Ubud has its own charm that makes it a magnet for tourists to come to visit. As a must-visit destination in Indonesia, Ubud offers a variety of natural resources such as lush tropical forests, calming rivers, refreshing rice fields, and many more. The atmosphere here is very soothing so you can make it a place to escape from the chaos of the city or freshen up after boredom while at home.

2. Danum Valley, Malaysia

According to Culture Trip, Danum Valley by far is the best place to visit in Malaysia for ecotourism and to experience the untouched jungle. Danum Valley is Malaysia’s wildest rainforest which has the richest concentrations of wildlife. With over 500 different species of reptiles, birds, mammals, and fish, Danum Valley is a great paradise for animal lovers.

3. Puerto Princesa, Philippines

The Puerto Princesa Underground River has been declared one of the Seven Natural Wonders that you should put on a bucket list of tourist attractions in the Philippines. There is a river that flows through the 8.2 km long cave before flowing directly into the sea.

4. Orchard Road, Singapore

Who doesn’t know Orchard Road, one of the city’s most iconic streets? Shopping, shopping, shopping! Treat yourself after the self-quarantine period by strolling around orchard road with both sides full of local and international department stores, boutiques, spas, cafes, etc. Plus, there are always many things to do in Orchard and probably more than anywhere else in Singapore.

5. Sentosa Island, Singapore

An exotic island for you who want a short-escape vacation. Singapore is not a place that is known for its beach destinations, but if you want fun under the sun after days only at home, Siloso Beach in Sentosa is the place you are looking for. Sentosa Island can be enjoyed together with family while relaxing and enjoying the magnificence of the Island.


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