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5 Things to do at Orchard Gateway, Singapore

Since many countries opened their borders to let visitors enter their beautiful places, some of you are planning to visit countries in Asia, particularly, Singapore. If you’ve marked your calendar with your preferred date to visit the country and you’re finding the perfect and remarkable landmarks, then you’re looking at the right article. Here are some things you must do, as soon as you land in Singapore.

  • Explore and Visit Museums

The art science museum Singapore is known for its lotus-shaped structure that exhibits a blend of technology, art, science & culture surrounding the gigantic and stunning buildings around the place. Art science museum allows you to see the beautiful light setting and uses high-tech illusions to create designs for buildings shaped like flowers.

  • National Museum of Singapore

The national museum of Singapore is considered a national celebration of its history and culture. If you are wondering what to do in Singapore, you must visit the National museum. With all the gallery exhibitions, including the Historic Citizens of Singapore's struggle, it is an incredible experience to see it in person.

  • Get enchanted with the Botanical Garden

If you love peace, quiet places, and discovering different plants and trees, then the botanical garden is for you. Located not far from Orchard Road in Singapore, it is a peaceful garden where you can find multiple species of Tropical Plants. The blossoming flowers of the lush green garden are also a wonderful sight to see.

  • Explore the Emerald Hill

Emerald Hill is a peaceful locality in the central part of Singapore. The place gives you a lot of diversity in one location and European Influences can be found in the architecture of private residences in this neighborhood. Famous for its colorful design, it can also be seen in a couple of hit movies and series.

  • Shop at Ion Orchard

If you are wondering what to do along Orchard Road and you are a lover of shopping, then going to the incredible Ion Orchard Mall, should be your priority. This is the most modern new age mall in Orchard Road Singapore, where you can shop for many of the world-famous designer branded items.

  • Relax and Pamper yourself

Before you end your tour in Singapore, allow some time to get pampered and relax with the amazing services offered by Pink Parlour, from its famous IPL services to Waxing services, you can never go wrong with its top-tier quality service. Another service that they provide is the BUMBUM FACIAL, which gets the attention of locals and many tourists.

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