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8 Waxing Tips For Men

Beware of these amateur waxing mistakes with these 8 important waxing tips for men.

Have you ever tried holding back the pain of being waxed down there? Well, people who have experienced waxing certainly experienced that abominable pain flickering in their eyes during a waxing session. But what if I tell you that manscaping can be achieved with less pain as long as you follow these tips for male waxing? Follow these eight tips to avoid common mistakes that amateurs often make.

1. Cut your hair down there

Before going to the salon, make sure that you cut your pubic hair about 1.27 cm (centimeter) or half an inch. It is important to cut the hair at the correct level of measurement because if it is too short, the wax would not stick to the hair immediately, if it is too long, there is a tendency that the hair would stick with each other and thus, causing much more pain. Fortunately, Pink Parlour SG has been known to offer male waxing services with an efficient number of employees that are experienced with waxing. At Pink Parlour, you don’t have to worry since you are in the hands of an expert in that field.

2. Know your skin type

Before going to the salon, know your skin type. It is pertinent to know if your skin is sensitive to waxing so that precautionary actions can be done before your waxing session.

3. Exfoliate your skin

It is highly recommended that two days before your appointment in the salon, you ought already to have exfoliated your skin. Exfoliation scrubs are pretty simple to make at home and do not have to be bought. Remember, you should not exfoliate one day prior to going to a salon in order not to over-exfoliate your skin since waxing has an exfoliating effect on the skin”. Additionally, it can also reduce your risk of ingrown hairs.

4. Use a moisturizer

After the session, always remember that your skin below the belt is quite sensitive. Hence, it is important to apply a moisturizer or even a simple strand of fresh aloe vera to your skin in order to alleviate the pain.

5. Avoid alcohol on the day of your appointment

According to an expert in a published article, “Alcohol dilates the pores of the skin, leading to blackheads and whiteheads,” says Spizuoco. Therefore, alcohol causes the skin to become dry and tight making waxing more painful.

6. Avoid wearing tight undergarments and bottoms to the salon

Wearing tight undergarments, and jeans may cause discomfort after the waxing session; of course, we don’t want that to happen. So instead, strive to wear breathable, cotton underwear or lose bottoms.

7. Avoid activities that make you sweat.

After the waxing session, avoid any activities that may cause you to perspire, for at least 24 hours, since it might irritate the parts of your skin that were waxed.

8. Be early

Arrive at least ten (10) minutes before your scheduled session so you can check in and use the bathroom if necessary.

Waxing can be a joyful experience as long as you choose to book an appointment with a trusted and well-established beauty salon along with doing some pre- and post-waxing care. Taking care of your skin is not a one-time effort; it requires full commitment. At the same time, you must also focus on ensuring that you consume foods that are healthy for your skin.

Now that you've learned these important techniques, I think you're ready to set an appointment and

make those learnings into reality!

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