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Be a 10 every day

Personal grooming is the term for how people take care of their bodies and appearance. Habits that are considered personal grooming include showering, dressing, applying make-up, hair removal, and taking care of one’s teeth and skin. In a nutshell, Personal grooming is a mirror reflecting the world of your well-being and how polished you look. Below are some areas to note:

Good Skin

A person with good personal grooming always seems to have a clear, even complexion. If you do not have good skin, establish a skincare regime that works for you. Other basic good skin care tips are to wear sunscreen, exercise regularly, sleep well and drink lots of water.

Naturally, there are periods of our lives when we don’t have perfect complexions. Some of us are fighting zits. A good concealer helps mask those imperfections as a spotty face is distracting. Of course, do not rely just on concealer for a smooth complexion. See a dermatologist if you run out of solutions.

Removal of Facial Hair

Hair around the lips must be removed at all times. And in between the eyebrows − if you’re mono-browed. Eyebrows should be shaped about once in six weeks and maintained every week.

There is a lot of information online about shaping your eyebrows. If it is your first time, please see an eyebrow specialist or a beautician. After that, you can maintain it by tweezing new stray hairs every morning or using an eyebrow stencil.


Aim for a fresh, healthy appearance whether you use little or a lot of make-up. You have to apply grooming principles as well to ensure that your makeup is done properly and neatly. This means that your makeup should be done elegantly, free of smudges. Wear heavier make-up in the evenings, such as bolder eyeliner strokes.


Personal Grooming for hair means that hair should be clean, neat, tidy, and appropriately styled.


Personal grooming applied to the body means you take care of it. You’ll feed it good nutritious food, and you’ll rest it well.

Exercise affects your core muscles and that is what gives you good posture. That reason is good enough to engage in exercise! When you exercise, you build your self-esteem and confidence because you feel good about yourself. You feel better when you find the clothes you want to wear, not the clothes you are trying to fit into.

Pay attention to your gestures and movement. Move with grace. Have someone videotape you or take up some ballroom or ballet lessons to improve on how you move.

You may need waxing or other hair removal services to keep your skin smooth and supple. Spray tanning is a good way to hide unsightly cellulite.


Personal grooming for nails means they should always be clean and shaped. Dirty fingernails are a rude shock, not to mention it causes harm to your health.


Lastly, personal grooming also implies dressing well, professionally, and appropriately.

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