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Before and After Care of Brazilian Waxing

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First things first, what is Brazilian Waxing and why is it so famous? Is it even worth the hype? These are the most asked questions about Brazilian waxing. According to a 2016 BBC interview with Jonice Padilha of the J Sisters salon in Manhattan, the term Brazilian Waxing was actually coined in New York City, during the 1990s.

Waxing is the โ€œshorthandโ€ for waxing all or just about all of your pubic hair off, revealing soft, smooth and some might even say sexy skin โ€” and no, itโ€™s not just for women. There is a wide range of offerings for waxing available for Men not just Brazilian and that is something you shouldnโ€™t miss! But the question is, is it even worth the hype? Definitely, a YES!

Think about it this way, if youโ€™re a person whoโ€™s meticulous about your skin hair, and body grooming, then this is for you. Letting the wax pull your hair up to its roots can last weeks. No hassle and razor cuts but rather itโ€™s clean and no hair left on the skin. Letting your skin be touched by the experts is one huge advantage in having clearer and softer skin.


โœ“ Clean Yourself

A quick shower will not affect your agenda for the rest of the day. So, it is a must to clean yourself first before heading to your appointment.

โœ“ Scrub Yourself

Just like shaving your face, when you remove hair from your body, you want to get rid of the surface of dead skin cells ahead of time to minimize the chance of clogging pores. Doing so 24 hours in advance helps prep the skin.

โœ“ Donโ€™t shave or trim yourself

Stop what youโ€™re thinking! Shaving will never help the wax to remove your hair neatly you just make it even more difficult. Donโ€™t trim your private part for at least two weeks before going to your designated male wax appointment.


โœ“ Donโ€™t sweat yourself

Meaning to say, that you are not allowed to take a shower, hot bath, gym or workouts, or even do physical activities that can make your body produce a sweat. This may cause you a sweat.

โœ“ Avoid applying lotions

For the next 12 hours avoid using fragrant lotion or topical lotions since fragrances and other lubricants can cause irritation to your skin.

โœ“ Heat exposure is not allowed

Skin is vulnerable right after your waxing session as its follicles are open and it needs some time to heal. So, avoid sun exposure, hot baths, sauna, and steam for the next 12 to 24 hours in the area that has been waxed.

Now that you know some of the things to do and avoid right after your appointment, you can still check out our website to know more about waxing and other services that might get your interest for your next session of waxing.


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