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Brazilian Waxing Anxiety

So you’ve booked your very first Brazilian wax. Now you’re possibly wondering what’s next. Brazilian waxing can be much easier than shaving, but it can also be a little bit daunting — especially if it’s your first time.

Your anxieties might kick in and we know some of those wild thoughts that are running through your mind. So for this article, let us ease some of your worries to prep you up for your very first Brazilian wax appointment.

What is Brazilian wax?

Brazilian wax is just one of the many techniques of hair removal. The therapist uses a unique wax (either warm or cold), sticks it to your skin, and tears it away in one liquid movement. They repeat this action till your vagina is totally hair-free.

This is embarrassing

If you’re worried that your waxer will be judging you on your intimate area, we’re here to tell you that they don’t. Usually, therapists or waxers are professionals that underwent serious training to ensure the health, safety, and proper procedure are being followed especially in doing Brazilian Waxing. You should feel comfortable knowing that you are in the care of a professional that has actually seen every little thing.

They are skilled wax experts who most probably dealt with all hair kinds, including various lengths and thicknesses. Most importantly, your therapist will focus on one point: giving you smooth skin with the least discomfort. That, as well as making certain you follow your aftercare regular post-wax.

Does a Brazilian Wax Hurt? Because hair is pulled from the roots very quickly, you will feel a bearable pain for a split second. This stops and then repeats again a few more times. As the procedure goes on, your therapist will gently but firmly place their hands on your skin after each pull. This will reduce the pain sensation by over 70%. On average, a good therapist divides your area into between 10 to 15 small parts to reduce the pain when separated correctly. For a less painful first-time experience, try Brazilian Waxing with Pink Parlour.

photo courtesy of Kezh Landicho

Do I need to do any prep before getting a Brazilian wax? Despite the fact that your professional therapist has seen (and waxed) a lot of vaginas, you still need to do your part to make their work simpler. If you have a little bush taking place, you can trim it (don’t shave!) to about half to a quarter of an inch. Shaving within the days or weeks before your visit will just trigger your pubic hair to grow in various lengths, making it harder for the wax to grip on them.

Still, bear in mind that getting rid of “extra“ hair is a choice you create on your own. Say goodbye to razors and the trouble of shaving frequently when you maintain Brazilian waxing as part of your hair-free journey!

Start your hair-free journey here!


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