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BUM BUM FACIAL: Everything You Need to Know

Do you have darkening in your bum area that makes you uncomfortable wearing shorts? How about the unsightly and annoying acne near your underwear area that makes you less confident especially once swimsuit season rolls around?

Maybe your booty now keeps going south and is calling for some firming? Are you feeling self-conscious about the cellulite that has started becoming more apparent in your bum area as you get older? Fear not… We have the perfect pampering service for your beauty.

You may think that it’s nearly impossible to address these issues but if you would like to pamper those assets we got the best treatment for you!

Why Us?

Established in 2005, Pink Parlour entered the grooming scene in Singapore as the rebellious counterpart of day spas in a hip and groovy setting amidst party establishments along Mohammad Sultan.

On a mission to empower women to take control of how they can look and feel, Pink Parlour was dedicated to offering beauty treatments that enhance confidence – today it has over 80,000 clients across Southeast Asia, a testament that Pink Parlour keeps its promise and does not disappoint.

Why Have a Booty Facial?

Great Way to End Self-Care

Pampering is such a great way to do self-care, it’s a guaranteed way to reduce your level of stress. We think a spa day at home by simply popping on a sheet mask would satisfy our pampering needs, but spicing it up a little bit with a booty facial would benefit you not only mentally but also in terms of physical appearance.

Butt Acne Caused by Sitting All Day

Working at home may come with its benefits, and this includes flexibility in terms of our schedules. However, it also means you’ll be sitting in front of your desktop all day long and this causes friction on our butts which then leads to irritation. And too much booty-to-chair time can make things worse, thanks to the pressure from sitting.

You’ll want to understand how a butt facial works before you begin. This high-end treatment addresses a wide range of skin problems. The skin on your buttocks is prone to dryness, flakiness, loss of elasticity, firmness, and inflammation, just like the skin on your face.

Let us target your butt skin issues with our BUTT FACIAL! You can get a QUICK & SAFE butt treatment to help remove acne, blemishes, and other impurities at an affordable rate.

Have a glimpse of how we excellently innovated this treatment for you:


This is the first step to any treatment as it will help remove dirt, oil, and slough off dead skin cells. Cleansing removes these impurities to give the skin a fresh look and enables the products to penetrate the skin properly.


This serves as the preparatory scrub to help remove bumpy skin and button culprits – the dead skin build-up. Specifically formulated products containing BHA and glycolic acid will be applied to emulsify dead skin cells, allow the skin to absorb moisturizer better and more thoroughly, unclogs pores and prevents acne, and scrub off the dead-dry cells, your skin will be smoother and more even.


As we get older, our skin’s ability to produce healthy levels of collagen and elastin diminishes. These two proteins give the skin its texture and shape. The help of an Ultrasonic device can aid stimulate collagen and elastin production leaving your botty smooth and evenly toned. In addition, a special Tea tree jelly is applied to ward off any pimple-causing bacteria and will help regenerate healthier skin cells.


A formulated collagen-rich butt mask is designed specifically for your backside. The special ingredients of the booty mask are beneficial in drying up active acne lesions, adding hydration to the skin, and facilitating mild exfoliation.


A non-talc powder specially designed for the butt will reduce frictional irritation and prevent sebaceous deposits caused by excessive sweating. The application of booty powder will further relieve the butt from mechanical stress and also eliminates odour leaving your butt confidently glowing with a pleasing aroma.

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Butt facials are an essential component of skin and booty care. Allowing yourself to indulge in this luxury regularly will assist you in genuinely caring for your skin. However, you can take care of your booty at home with specially designed butt skincare such as booty sheet masks, booty peel-off masks, or acne-fighting clay masks. Show some care for your assets and give them the love it deserves!

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