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Celebrate Mother’s Day

Pink Parlour Salon invites you to join us and celebrate the wonderful mothers and special women who inspire us with selfless love and guidance in all they do for their children, family, and community.

Mum, she means so much to us. So, we look forward to giving her pampering presents and special gifts. Isn’t Mother’s Day all about spoiling your mum?

We can help! Pink Parlour has a perfect way to help you say, Thanks, Mum! Get some quality moments with mum and share our Mother’s Day treatment packages with her—or—let mum indulge with a manicure and pedicure on her own time.

Post & Share your favorite moment with your Mum! #momentswithmum

What are you doing with your Mum on Mother’s Day? Do you have a favorite memory with Mum? Post and share your #momentswithmum on our Pink Parlour social accounts.

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