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DIY IPL vs. Professionals: Which is better?

Planning to try laser hair removal for the first time but seem confused about what to consider? Should it be a home laser hair removal method, or at the salon surrounded by professionals? Well, in this article we’ll look into details about their differences and share the benefits of getting hair removal in the salon.


Most at-home laser devices cannot deliver the right amount of heat that is required to fully destroy the hair follicle, unlike the devices used by professionals in the salon. They know what is the right amount of heat for a specific skin color and the condition of the skin area that is going to be treated.


Convenient and easy to use

Can do it alone

1 to 2 weeks the hair will start to grow again

One-time pay only (for the device)

No need to wear sunglasses


Has the latest hair removal technology

You wear safety glasses for protection

Can see the significant result after 3 sessions

Trained and skilled professionals are with you throughout the session

Most body areas are treatable because of the device that the professionals use in the salon


Stress reliever

With the busy lives that most people have, mostly revolving around the kids, husband, and family, it is necessary to alleviate stress. One of the major benefits of going to a salon is getting pampered and feeling relaxed. You can spend quality time with yourself and get your body massaged and there may be other treatments, which you may wish to try.

Quality Service

The quality of the service given to the clients is usually good. However, not every staff is consistent. Find a salon that has quality service and friendly professional staff, to help you feel confident and relaxed.

Trusted and Professionals

Since you’re in a salon, expect to be surrounded by professionals who will help you with the treatments. You can ask questions pertaining to their services, discounts, ongoing promotions, etc.

When you are considering having hair removed using the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) in a salon, you may like to make sure that the salon you’re going to is reliable, trusted, and professional. PINK PARLOUR, an award-winning salon that already has over a million bookings across Southeast Asia is highly recommended.

Now that you know the benefits and differences between hair removal treatment at home versus in the salon, I hope you will have the most relaxed and enjoyable pampering session for yourself.

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