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First Timer? Here’s how to prep for your 1st Brazilian Wax

Are you curious about what it feels like to be bare down there? Coming up with the courage to get Brazilian is very challenging especially if you’re a first-timer. No worries, we have your back and we will give you some tips on what to expect on your 1st appointment.

Bikini and Brazilian wax are two different things. The difference between Bikini wax is that hair is removed only outside of the bikini while Brazilian 100% removes all your hair on your private including the hair way deep down the but crack area leaving your skin as smooth as a baby afterward!

Why waxing is better than shaving?

Shaving removes the hair from the surface of the skin and leaves the root intact and the hair will grow back thicker. It can cause razor burns, and ingrown hairs and can make your skin darker.

Waxing, on the other hand, your hair starts growing slower and finer. The hair will also grow back thinner and it will last a whole lot longer giving you weeks of that smooth feeling.

Does it hurt?

Any hair removal procedure that requires removing hair follicles is painful especially if you’ve been shaving. Luckily, at Pink Parlour, we specialized in ‘almost’ painless Brazilian Waxing which is a haven for those 1st timers out there.

Here’s a pink tip: When you start waxing consistently, the hair structure starts changing and it becomes less painful to no pain at all.

What do I need to prepare before my first Brazilian appointment?

  1. You have to prepare yourself. As we’ve said earlier, Brazilian takes a lot of courage. It can also help to ease the pain if you relax because the tenser you are, the more pain you experience. Another best way to fight the pain is to divert it to something else. Good thing, we have Kitty Cat to accompany you during your session.

  2. Grow out your hair for 3-4 weeks. You need to grow it out until your hair is about a grain of rice in length (1/4 inch) so the wax can get all the hair from the roots! Please, do not shave before your appointment. Let it grow, girl!

  3. Exfoliate at night or morning before your wax appointment. It’s a great idea if you exfoliate. It will help remove dead skin cells and fewer ingrown hairs.

  4. Do not wear super tight clothing. Grab your softest undies and you can also wear a dress to give some breathing room.

  5. Don’t go five days before or five days after your period. Our skin and body are sensitive when we are on our red days, the amount of pain can be doubled. It may cause bruises or rash. Yikes!

What to Do After Your Wax?

  1. Avoid Shower for a Few Hours. Your bikini area is a lot more sensitive right after your Brazilian wax. The pores are open, and tiny bacteria can easily cling to them. Make sure to wait for a few hours after getting waxed before you take a bath

  2. Skip your Workout – Sweat may irritate your skin and lead t infection. It can be a guilt-free excuse to take a day off from the gym.

  3. Don’t exfoliate after a wax. Exfoliate is great for pre-wax but not for post-wax. It may irritate the sensitive skin and may lead to bumps and discomfort in your private.

  4. Sexual intercourse is not allowed. Your precious flower is delicate. Any unnecessary friction may lead to irritation and worse, infection. You should wait for at least 24hrs before having an intimate moment with your partner.

  5. Use soothing lotion and smooth bump lotion- To calm the skin, reduce redness, and stops itching during hair growth, use the soothing calm lotion as your aftercare saviors!

Deciding what you do in your hair is a personal decision. If you want to remove your hair all the way down there, we highly suggest to approach grooming professionals. At Pink Parlour, our estheticians can give you the best and almost painless waxing experience! The process will take a maximum of 30 minutes as easy as 1-2-3!

You can also get these after-wax saviors at Lazada at 10% off!

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