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First Timer? Sugaring vs Waxing — 5 Things You Need To Know!

We know it’s sad but true, nowadays many people give misleading information about beauty tips, especially hair removal.

When it comes to hair removal methods, sugaring and waxing are both popular alternatives to shaving. We are sorry to say that the most famous myth that said SUGARING IS TOTALLY PAINLESS THAN WAXING is true! There is something you should know, the way they talk about is strip wax, not hard wax.

You don’t want to miss that smooth and silky skin on your body for this summer, right? For those first-timer babes, don’t worry, we’ll give a short explanation about sugaring and waxing.

Sugaring is an organic hair removal method, as it consists of natural ingredients, such as sugar (obviously!), lemon juice, and water. They were melted down at low up to medium heat and once it is cooled, they can be applied to your skin.

Meanwhile, waxing uses waxes made from resins and tree by-products to remove the hair from its root. Babes, this is the part where you need to emphasize that waxing has two methods, hard wax, and strip wax. Hard wax is applied in a thicker layer, and then it hardens before it is removed. Unlike strip wax, hard wax is removed without a strip. Hard wax is advisable for sensitive areas, while strip wax is for large areas such as legs, back & arms.

Good news for you, Pink Parlour uses hard wax as the hair removal method. Why? Because it will last longer. Okay, let’s go to the next level, a comparison between sugaring and waxing!

About the sugaring is the painless alternative to waxing, yup, rumors have it. Waxing unfortunately can be painful and cause people to squirm during the treatment. BUT, the way they talk about strip wax, not hard wax! It’s not something to be sweaty, Pink Parlour will assure you to have the best painless waxing experience. And with hard wax for sure!

Well, this is kind of a tricky question as different ingredients and different salons have different results. Sugaring can help you get that silky smooth skin you’re craving, but sorry to say that on average, sugaring only lasts up to 3 weeks, while hard waxing lasts up to 6 weeks.


While one session of sugaring takes up to 45-minute, hard waxing takes only 20-minute, which will save your busy time!


Sugaring and waxing both cost similar amounts of money. However, in some cases, the cost of sugaring treatment is higher by about 10-20% than hard waxing.


Applause these babes who have tried both and give testimonials so they can save you from a bad Brazilian hair removal experience!

In spite of all these pros and cons, you should agree that the perks of waxing give you more benefits. Oh, sorry to repeat but please note that it’s the hard waxing method, not the strip wax. Waxing will pamper you with its painless hair removal experience, a long-lasting smooth, and silky skin, which will take a short time of yours and save more money for your favorite bag. You do not wish for the same bad hair removal experience as the babes above. Keep this in mind, you have nothing to lose by starting waxing from now.


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