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Grooming Resolutions for 2023: Pink Parlour Can Help

Welcome to 2023: it’s a new year full of possibilities. Many of us are eager to find ways to improve ourselves; whether we’re looking to improve our personal relationships, our careers—or simply take a health-minded approach to a better sense of well-being. No matter how we face the new year ahead, setting goals and new habits allows us to recalibrate and start fresh.

No excuses! It’s time to greet the world and your mirror with proper grooming habits.

It may take months to perfect your new yoga routine, but regular grooming habits and body care treatments yield instant results! A little effort goes a long way, and it shows. How we greet the world leaves a lasting impression on those around us; it impacts our body hygiene and health, our social and professional acceptance, our self-esteem, and our sexual appeal.

It’s never too late to start: regular body grooming creates fresh promises.

Since 2005, the Pink Parlour franchise has been an industry leader in hair removal and body grooming treatments. What started as a boutique waxing salon in Singapore in 2005, grew into a successful franchise spanning x locations across South-East Asia. Guided by our “We Care” business principles, it’s our job and passion to help women and men to look and feel their best.

Wendi Chan, Founder of Parlour Group PTE

No matter how busy my day becomes, I find the time to pamper myself. Self care and body grooming gives me the confidence to look and feel my best. At the end of a long day, there’s nothing better than settling in for a Foot Flex massage and Pedicure…ahhhh!

Now that you know some grooming resolutions this year, don't you think it's better if you make it happen in real life?! It's very exciting to get that relaxing foot massage with a nice pop of color in your toenails! What a delightful feeling! You can avail our services here


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