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Smooth and Clean: 6 Hair Removal Methods in Singapore

The growth of body hair is something we cannot avoid; aside from it getting in the way of us looking clean, it also affects our confidence since many stigmas are associated with it. These reasons are why hair removal is crucial in different countries, including Singapore.

Let’s face it, one of the keys to feeling good is looking good, and when you have hairs sticking out from unusual areas, it cramps your style. This sentiment is especially true regarding women since the general consensus is women should be flawless and have a generally clean look.

If you, too, want to have flawless skin, get rid of your body hair, and know more about various hair removal methods in Singapore, read the article to find out.

What Are The Different Hair Removal Methods in Singapore?

While body hair isn’t necessarily a bad thing since they help get rid of dirt and soak up sweat, it can sometimes get in the way of you looking flawless. It’s no secret that when you get intimate with someone, you have to look your best, and by getting rid of these hairs, you will definitely look your best.

That said, here are the different hair removal methods you can avail in Singapore:

1. Facial Hair Removal

Is that 5 o’clock shadow getting in the way of you looking presentable and clean? Growing facial hair is natural for men, and this can be attributed to different factors like genes and hormones. However, some women also suffer from facial hair growth, which can look unnatural and unattractive.

Some services offer facial hair removal, and you can specify which facial hair part you want to remove. Whether male or female, getting rid of facial hair is easy thanks to these services.

Here are some of the specific areas facial hair removal can focus on:

Here are some of the specific areas facial hair removal can focus on:

  • Sideburns - Hair growing from the top of the jawline connecting to your chin.

  • Full face - If you want to eliminate all your facial hair.

  • Full neck/half neck - More commonly known as “neckbeard.”

  • Jawline - If you want your jawline not to be covered with hair.

  • Lip - For men wanting to get rid of their moustache or females with unnatural facial hair growth on the sides of their lips.

  • Brows - If you want your brow game to be on fleek.

  • Chin - Let’s get rid of that goatee.

2. Bikini Line Hair Removal

The bikini line covers the most intimate parts of our body, which makes it a crucial area to focus on regarding hair removal. Aside from making it hygienic to look at, bikini line hair removal also helps lessen the odour associated with those parts.

We all want to look our best for our partners, and this method allows us to do just that. Sometimes, unwanted body hair can be a deal breaker for some, so if you don’t want to subject yourself to that feeling, you can choose this type of hair removal.

Here are the specific areas this hair removal method focuses on:

  • Bikini line for males and females - Removes the hair outside the underwear area.

  • Brazilian for males and females - removes the pubic hair around the genitalia and on the butt cracks.

3. Frontal Hair Removal

The chest, stomach, and everything in between is subject to hair growth, and the experience can be unpleasant for some. We must remember that body hair growth is dictated by genetics, and we have no choice in the matter, so if you don’t prefer having body hair on your chest and stomach, hair removal is the best option.

Keeping your body hair in these areas is totally up to you, but if you’re uncomfortable with having one, there are specific methods that cater to these areas. Now you can rid your chest and stomach areas of those pesky hairs.

These are areas this hair removal method focuses on:

  • Chest - If you want to get rid of that 70s look.

  • Stomach - For a smooth lower frontal area.

  • Nipples - To get rid of unwanted hairs around a sensitive area.

  • Full front - This service covers the whole frontal area in one go.

4. Back Hair Removal

One unpleasant and unusual area to grow hair from is the back, but some people grow hair in that area, making it uncomfortable. While it’s not necessarily a bad thing, having back hair can affect your confidence badly, so getting rid of it is necessary.

Here are specific areas this hair removal method focuses on:

  • Half back - Choose whether to focus on the upper back area or the lower half.

  • Full back - This is an ideal option for people who experience hair growth in the whole back area.

5. Arm Hair Removal

It’s only natural to have hair growth on our arms, but if you feel that it’s getting in the way of you looking and feeling good, maybe it’s time to get rid of them. This service also covers the underarms, allowing you to get rid of the stress associated with wearing sleeveless shirts in public.

These are the specific areas this hair removal method focuses on:

  • Half arms - This service covers the forearm or the area below the elbows all the way down to the fingers.

  • Full arms - From the shoulders to your fingers.

  • Underarms - Quite possibly the most in-demand area for hair removal. Gets rid of the hair on your armpits.

6. Leg Hair Removal

Hairy legs can be a deterrent to feeling good about yourselves since an overabundance of these can be aesthetically unpleasing. While the hair around this part does a great job of catching dirt and soaking sweat, your legs might not look flawless if there are a lot of them.

Here are the specific areas this hair removal method focuses on:

  • Upper legs - Covers the top of the thighs to right below the knees.

  • Lower legs - Gets rid of hair from the knees to your toes.

  • Full legs - Covers everything from the top of the thighs to your toes.

Pink Parlour is Your Trusted Grooming Business For Your Hair Removal Needs in Singapore

These are the things you need to know about various hair removal methods you can find in Singapore. If you are interested in getting these services, let Pink Parlour be your number-one choice for all your grooming needs.

To find out more about our other services, feel free to browse our website. You can also check out these hair removal options by clicking here. Pink Parlour has got your hair removal needs in Singapore covered.


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