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How often should you WAX?

Waxing is known as an effective hair removal method in which right after your wax, you will be expecting to have smooth and hairless skin. It can also be done less frequently than shaving, but the question is, how often should you wax?

Pink Parlour would love to share some helpful information to get your skin waxed on time. Check this out and learn more about when is the best time to have your next hair removal appointment.

How often do Wax?

The average time to go between your hair removal appointments is to get waxed every two to four weeks. After your first waxing, you may notice that there's hair growth in just a couple of days which you don’t need to worry about. Because that quarter-inch regrowth hair will be grabbed and gotten rid of in your second session. After that, it will depend on you on how regularly you should get waxed depending on how much the hairs bother you, how it becomes unbearably annoying, and your budget.

Here are some useful tips on how often you should have a waxing session for the different parts of your body.

  • Face

As the hair on your face can grow faster than any other part of your body, you should at least plan a facial waxing session every two to three weeks.

  • Underarms

When the hair in your underarms starts to grow, it will be easily noticeable. To freely wear sleeveless this summer, you may get your underarms waxed every two weeks.

  • Bikini Area

Are you planning to go on a lot of beach trips during summer? If yes, it will be a good idea to get your bikini area waxed every two weeks.

  • Legs

You can get your legs waxed every three to four weeks. You don’t need to worry about getting it waxed sooner as there won’t be enough hair to remove.

  • Back

Every four to six weeks will do for your back to get waxed. But it still depends on your personal preference.

Overall, it is a good idea to go to the salon every two to six weeks depending on the area that you have been waxed. Make sure to have consistent hair removal appointments to make the most out of your session.

Here at Pink Parlour, we will be glad to accommodate you in your waxing journey. So, what are you waiting for? Start to enjoy a long-lasting, smoothest hairless skin together with the soothing lotion.

Don’t forget to visit us on our website and make a book now!


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