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IPL Hair Removal: What You Need to Know

Since the 1990s, hair removal procedures such as IPL (intense pulse light) have become a popular treatment due to improvements in laser technology. Although IPL is more expensive than waxing, IPL has proven to be the most effective and long-lasting treatment for permanent hair removal. Here are 2 important factors to consider when choosing to invest in IPL hair removal treatments:

Results are more important than price.

People are often misguided by price and choose cheap hair removal treatments over results and quality of the service. What most people fail to consider, is that the investment—or cost—is gauged directly by the effectiveness of the treatment. For example, if you pay $1,500 for a hundred treatments, the cost per treatment is $15—which may seem like an incredible deal IF the results are achieved. But if the results are not permanent, your $15 spend will become a repeated expense for years to come.

Technician experience and patient safety are critical.

It requires a great deal of knowledge and skill to operate IPL equipment. A technician should be fully trained to apply the best practices and most effective techniques for lasting results—including knowledge about the strength of laser pulse and how to apply pressure, the best skin types for the treatment, and hair growth cycles. A technician should also have ample knowledge of IPL before and after care treatment. For example; do not pluck, wax or thread body hair at least six weeks prior to treatments. Sunbathing should also be avoided prior to treatment due to the possibility of skin hyperpigmentation. A fully-trained and experienced technician will be able to provide treatment facts like these—and much more.

Safety knowledge is also a requirement; an IPL technician should have in-depth knowledge of the safety practices involved as an operator of the equipment—and for the client. It would be wise to inquire if the technician has an IPL training certificate and how many hours or years of training she/he has accumulated. Secondly, the equipment should meet current safety and operating standards: Is the IPL equipment new—and is it certified by industry standards? Request customer referrals and testimonials for evidence of these standards from the clinics you are researching.

Keep your sights on the end results if you want to make the best choice for your investment. If you’re looking for a hair removal clinic that cares about providing results with professional service, choose PINK PARLOUR. Learn more about our IPL Underarm and Brazilian hair removal treatments and Special Introductory Offer for new clients!


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