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Is waxing safe for pregnant ladies?

Pregnancy is a wonderful situation to be in. One changes, may it be physical or emotional changes. Hormones may result in such experiences as glowing skin or unwanted rapid hair growth in so many places.

As a pregnant woman, one might deal with tons of questions as to how to deal with these changes. Two questions that are often asked are “how can I get rid of these hairs” and “Is it safe for me to undergo waxing treatment?”.

Pink Parlour is always here to help you get rid of your unwanted hair! Undergoing a waxing treatment while pregnant is considered to be SAFE. Waxing will only be harmful if there is a double-dipping or cross-usage of tools between clients which is what Pink Parlour is very strict about.

Pink Parlour STRICTLY goes by its policy of no double-dipping. All tools used in the treatment are sanitized and are not reused.

All areas in the establishment are sanitized and the staff is in protective gear as precaution to keep everyone comfortable and safe. Before undergoing a procedure, you may take a paracetamol tablet to minimize the discomfort. But please remember to consult with your doctor if still in doubt to ensure everything’s safe!

Once you are ready, let’s get it smooth here.


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