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Morning Timesavers Ideas

Many women would cite a lack of time in the morning and so they turn up to work sans makeup. Having good skin is a prerequisite to going sans makeup. Since mornings can be such a mad rush, here are some simple beauty tips and skincare tricks to help you get out the door looking like you had spent hours in front of the mirror. These five beauty secrets will pamper you, but they won’t pull you away from your day.

Idea 1: Hydrate at Night

Lather your skin with a good moisturizer before bedtime. You’ll wake up with soft skin that’s perfect for quick makeup application. Dry skin is difficult to cover and can take up much of the precious time from your morning routine.

Idea 2: Set your hair

Invest in a set of good hair curlers. It may seem old school, but ladies back then knew a thing or two about beauty time savers. Shower at night and set your hair while it’s still somewhat wet before you go to bed. You’ll wake up with a dry mane that’s incredibly full. All you’ll need to do in the morning is finger comb your tresses into place.

Idea 3: Pull double duty

Look for products that can be used in two ways. The time you save cleaning makeup brushes or washing your hands between applications can add up. Your lipstick might make for a nice blush. Smudge your eyeliner around your lid for a makeshift shadow. Wipe the extra facial moisturizer you have on your hands into your hair for some frizz control.

Idea 4: Get organized

Keep your makeup area completely organized, with high-use products within easy reach. Line up your makeup brushes in the order you use them. Put medications in a daily pill organizer. One quick organization session will prevent you from searching for that lip gloss, accidentally putting on a highlighter with your navy shadow brush, or struggling with a child-safe cap.

Idea 5: Always be prepared

Select and prepare your outfit for the next day. That way, you won’t have to deal with last-minute ironing or fixing a loose button. Getting ready beforehand also allows you time to mentally prepare for the day’s event. You will have no excuse for not remembering the meeting had you not prepared your outfit early.


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