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Professional Grooming for the Workplace

Proper grooming and professional appearance are important not just for a positive impression but also to show respect for the workplace. First impressions always matter and the way you look and carry yourself creates an impact on the people you will get along with at work.

Grooming and professional appearance are important for both men and women. A lack of these may lead to a poor image and may interfere with your chance of getting good impressions and positive feedback from your peers and superiors.

Grooming Standards in the Workplace

In today’s competitive and modern business world, it is highly essential to keep a professional appearance and grooming for the workplace. If you have the desire to look your best at all times in social and professional settings, you need to keep in mind the following basic guidelines for good grooming in the workplace:

Wear business suits in basic colors.

Always be neat and clean including your teeth, fingernails, face, hair, and even your shoes.

Keep your pockets empty and as much as possible avoid tinkling coins or keys and bulges.

Avoid eating candies, smoking cigarettes, and chewing gum when you are inside the office.

Use a portfolio case or light briefcase when carrying important documents with you instead of compiling these documents in folders and carrying these between your armpits.

Where possible, do not show off tattoos and body piercings for these will just make you look untidy and unprofessional.

Wear light perfume and cologne and minimize using lots of jewelry.

It is also highly important to maintain a professional appearance and image at all times. Proper grooming and professional appearance can certainly make you stand out and be ahead of the competition.

Here’s an infographic showing you what to wear and not to wear to that all-important job interview.


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