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Shaving vs Waxing: which is better?

Shaving vs Waxing: Which hair-removal method is better and why? Shaving vs waxing is always a tough choice. On hair removal, the ultimate question that often pops up is – should you wax or shave your hair? The never-ending ‘waxing vs. shaving’ debate has been around long enough, and we still have almost equal supporters of both techniques. While waxing requires a hot wax to remove the hair follicle from the hair shaft by mechanical force, shaving involves a razor blade to trim the hair.

Ease and Convenience With shaving, it’s as simple as hopping in the shower whenever you need it or whenever best suits your schedule. With waxing, however, a good amount of preparation is required. If you choose to go to a salon for your wax, you’ll need to book an appointment in advance. Luckily, with Pink Parlour, there are different options to make a booking.

Degree of Pain Waxing can be very painful and torturous, especially when new to the process. However, no need to worry, we use Pink Candy wax that ensures a better grip of the hair that doesn’t stick to your skin, reducing the painful “rip” process you may have experienced before. Don’t fret Pink Parlour has received more than 20 Awards for Best Brazilian Waxing. You can rely on our caring and professional attitude. We have set the industry standards for hygienic waxing processes for more than 14 years.

Shaving, on the other hand, is relatively painless. If you exercise the precaution and use any moisturizing agent like a shaving cream before you begin with the process, it is assumed that the shaving process will follow smoothly. Although there is a chance of shaving nicks and razor burn.

Hair Regrowth

Hair growth is variable and depends on a number of factors, including the area of removal. The more consistently you wax, the longer you’ll be able to stretch out your appointments, but on average, a wax can last up to two weeks before regrowth appears. As far as shaving goes, doing so every day or every other day is necessary for completely stubble-free skin.

Suitability to Sensitive Skin

Waxing tends to cause a lot of irritation for those with sensitive skin. Good news, Pink Parlour candy wax is suited for sensitive skin and intimate areas, reducing irritation after treatment. . While in the case of shaving, once you have picked up the technique and done it a few times, you can easily avoid any issue of skin irritation.

Costs You can purchase a pack of disposable razors for S$10 and add a can of shaving cream for $5. Shaving slightly is the more economical option up front, but don’t forget to factor in how often you shave and the cost of blade refills. The price of a professional wax appointment depends on the area of hair removal and your location, at Pink Parlour you can get your First Brazilian wax at $41 without any hassle. Book now!

Note: Overall, the better choice of the two methods is totally up to you and your personal preference. For some, the pain of waxing is enough to put up with all the tedious parts of shaving. For others, the idea of shaving every day is much too high-maintenance. When it comes to waxing vs. shaving, there is no better or worse—only what’s right for you. Do what is best suitable for your skin.


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