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Simple beauty hacks that you might want to try this coming holiday!

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Hi there! Are you here because of your curiosity, or perhaps you may want to apply these simple beauty hacks that I will mention in this article? Whatever the reasons, let me be your guide to have a simple and adorable look this Holiday! Letโ€™s Go!

Beauty Hack #1 One color for your Face

I know it sounds hilarious but I assure you this will give you an amazing different look when applied to your face. You can use the same eye shadow as brow powder, eye shadow, and eyeliner. You donโ€™t have to splurge on a bunch of eye products, just to have perfect eye makeup.

Use an angled brush and light strokes to define your brows, and then use the same shadow and a fluffy eye shadow brush to blend the shade into the crease and outside the corner of your eyes, in different techniques to achieve the same effect. Finish it by dipping a damp liner brush in the shadow, to line your top and bottom lash lines.

Beauty Hack #2 Korean Lips

To achieve Korean lips, just apply a deep lip color on the outside corners of your lips and a lighter, brighter shade in the center, to make your lips appear bigger. Blend the two shades together with your finger, so the colors seamlessly fade into each other. Itโ€™s the perfect holiday lip look!

Beauty Hack #3 Book an appointment in advance

Now that you learned these simple beauty tricks to help you prepare for the Holidays, keep in mind that you still have to book a pampering session with the experts. Your eyebrows and face should all be in the right shape, and condition, and they are all prepared for the makeup and beauty products that you will use.

PINK PARLOUR is right here, waiting for you! You can book your Eyebrow Waxing appointment here if you want to have glowing and younger-looking skin, then Facial Treatment is for you! You can find it here!

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