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The Naked Truth

A lot of women today prefer going “all bare down there” through Brazilian waxing. They do this not only for aesthetic reasons but for comfort as well. However, to be able to get that smooth and sexy bikini line, you have to brave the pain, which the technique is known for.

If you have qualms about getting Brazilian waxing, listed here is useful information to help you reach an informed decision.


Brazilian waxing was first introduced in Brazil way back in the ’80s when the string bikini was first introduced. In order to make the bikini area sexier and appealing the J sisters (dubbed as such because all their names started with J) thought that aside from having just the usual and less dramatic bikini wax, why not have all the hairs removed?

When the J sisters brought this idea to America, it received a very enthusiastic welcome, especially when the ladies of Sex and the City talked about it.


Aside from just having your pubic hair removed entirely, there are also other types of Brazilian waxing techniques.

  1. The landing strip – This type of Brazilian waxing technique removes the pubic hairs, however, the aesthetician leaves a small bit of hair, similar to a landing strip, on the pubis.

  2. The playboy Brazilian wax – The shape of a playboy wax is much thinner and smaller than the landing strip.

  3. The sphinx – This type of Brazilian waxing is like a total overhaul. It includes the removal of all the hairs on the pubic region. And it also extends way over to the perineum, anus, and buttocks.


In preparing for a Brazilian wax, it is important that you look for a reputable salon to do it. Once you have chosen the salon, remember to schedule your procedure a week after your period. This is most preferable because by this time your skin won’t be as sensitive, making it less painful.

Your pubic hairs need to be of a certain length, specifically half an inch, for a Brazilian wax to be less painful. You can first shave them all off and then have them grow for at least a week or two.

Take a shower and clean your genital area thoroughly before going in for a wax. Also, you might want to drink an analgesic an hour before going to your appointment to help you take the edge off. Also, remember to abstain from coffee for the day because caffeine can increase your pain sensitivity.

Wear soft underwear so that it might not be uncomfortable for you after the procedure. Also, go for comfortable pants, which do not hug your thighs too much.


Clients with certain skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis are advised against having a Brazilian wax. The reason is that this could aggravate their problem.

Some women dealing with serious chronic conditions like diabetes may have to think of other ways to remove hairs in the pubic region because this could put their health at risk. Their immune system is already compromised, making them susceptible to infection. Pregnant women should also hold off on Brazilian waxing until after giving birth.


Any waxing procedure follows pretty much the same process; they only differ when it comes to their coverage.

1. Once you get inside the waxing room, you will be asked to take your pants and underwear off and you will be given a robe to cover yourself.

2. You are then led into a special chair in which you will position yourself. Once in place, the aesthetician will inspect the area and the pattern of hair growth, this way they can determine the right wax to be used for you. In some salons one type of wax is enough, while there are others that use up to four different waxes, to cater to the different areas to be worked on.

3. If your hairs are too long, the aesthetician may have to trim it first.

4. Then she pats on some loose powder over the entire area to allow the hairs to stick to the wax better.

5. A hot or cold wax is then applied to different parts of your pubic area and then it is covered with a piece of cotton cloth that is jerked suddenly to remove the hairs. The removal is done in the direction of the hair growth which actually varies all over your pelvic region.

6. After the entire area is finished, the aesthetician may have to wipe it with an antiseptic. This is to prevent infection and to clean the area and clear it from hairs, which helps the aesthetician to know which areas need to be redone.

7. Afterwards a moisturizer may be applied over the area then you are good to go.


1. When you go home, you can take a normal shower to clean the area. A hot shower may be relaxing but this may cause irritation to your already sensitive skin.

2. Using moisturizer will help prevent skin irritation, adding to that it can also make the area softer and smoother.

3. 24-48 hours after your Brazilian wax should also be cleared from any tanning sessions, saunas, and steam room visits.

4. A cold compress can also be applied over the area to soothe it.

5. You should avoid sexual activities up to two days after your procedure because friction can irritate your skin causing it to become inflamed.

6. Salons also suggest that a week after your waxing appointment, you can already do some exfoliation with the use of mild liquid soap and loofah. This will unclog your pores and remove dead skin cells from the area.


1. It allows you to have a clean and smooth pubic area, making you more confident when sporting your bikini and low-cut denim.

2. Although the procedure may make you wince a bit, it is better than shaving. First of all, it lasts longer than shaving (winter months: 6-8 weeks; summer: 4-6 weeks). It also eliminates the chances of nicks and cuts resulting in a smoother result.

3. The process is quick and can be done in over half an hour.


1. It can be uncomfortable especially if this is your first time.

2. It can be embarrassing for some to have to expose themselves to a stranger.

3. The procedure is relatively more expensive compared to the free shaving treatment you can give yourself.


The typical cost of a Brazilian wax runs around $50. Brazilian waxing in Manila, Philippines, is around P900-P1250.


1. The salon must be clean. This can be evidenced by their immediate surroundings and the materials that they use. These should be well sterilized or sanitized, and the aesthetician should wear gloves during the procedure.

2. You should also see to it that they use a new wax applicator for every session.

3. Check the reputation of the salon and see how many Brazilian waxing procedures they perform weekly.

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