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Tips To Radiate Positivity From Our Therapist, Jenny

As a professional therapist in Pink Parlour for 10 years, Jenny believes that working with passion and pleasure feeling is the key to success as what is inside radiates outside to her customers and family.

For Jenny, time management is really important to achieve success. She wakes up early in the morning to get the shop ready for customers before the opening hour. To ensure all customers feel satisfied and come back, Jenny does everything that can make them feel convenient and happy, from sanitizing all of the equipment and tools before and after usage of each customer, making things neat and tidy, welcoming their greetings with a smile, giving instructions properly for first-time customers, and talking about life for regular customers. She also gives them jokes while doing the treatments to make them feel comfortable and happy because she knew that lots of them are tired from work.

In her spare time, she makes video calls to her kids asking about their schools and telling them how she is doing at work. During her leave, she visits her family in the Philippines. Her family has always been very supportive of her career as a therapist in Pink Parlour and understands the situation they have. She makes sacrifices and is away from her family as she wants to give her kids the best education and better home. During her visit, she always cooks for them and reminds them that hard work and time management are really important in achieving success.

Achieving a positive mindset is not easy, it needs a strong willingness from inside and support from people outside. At first, she felt homesick, but later on, she adjusted and instilled in her mind that she did this for her family. She feels lucky to be surrounded by supporting friends that are experiencing the same situation so they just hang out and buy something that their families need. Somehow, it can release stress and make her feel better afterward.

Apart from all obstacles she has, she feels blessed to be a therapist in Pink Parlour, as it is a great opportunity to meet different people from different backgrounds that make her a better person, more patient, stronger, more understanding and gives her more courage.

After working for more than a decade in Pink Parlour, there are some important points that she learned. First, attitude towards work is very important as it will keep her going and be optimistic in life. Second, giving attention to her customers’ needs makes a big difference. Third, giving love and care to everyone makes us happy. She thanks God for all the wonderful experiences in her workplace and she’s so proud that up to now she’s still doing a great job in serving customers.

“To all my customers I owe this my longer existence in Pink Parlour. Thanks and more power to all of us.” – Jenny.

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