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Wear Your Astrology Sign’s Nail Colour

Zodiac signs seem to be the trend these days and it’s getting a fair bit of attention with their accuracy in behaviors and ideology.

Colors actually do have an affinity to our signs as well. Though not set in stone that this has to be abode too, it does play a part in the discovery and explanation of your personality. As such, many use these colors in their dressing, nail colors, accessories, etc.


Red is definitely an energizing color. This color of passion and vigor could probably explain Aries’ love for action and love. Tap on your inner fire and release it, and share your inspiration with the rest of the world. The world needs to experience some rekindling, especially in times of depression and stress that we all know too well.

Taurus - Green

The color of the earth illustrates your grounded nature. However, the ground doesn’t necessarily mean serious because it also means growth, youthfulness, and the ability to treasure unity. Matters of the heart are at the forefront of who you are and you should show it off. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Gemini – Orange

A rare but interesting color. Diversity and inspiration are just a few of the many unique qualities that you possess. The difference allows you to stand out from the crowd and let others know how impressive you actually are, despite the fact that you prefer to keep a low profile. Everyone deserves a chance to shine. Be free and glow!

Leo – Yellow

Radiance! It goes without saying that this color mimics the light of the sun. You have the capacity to bring life with your influential energy. Humour (that some might not get), courage, and strength are the core of who you are. Don a yellow blouse or be bold with yellow nails. Spread joy and be the joy.

Virgo – Blue

“Keep calm” should be the motto of a Virgo. With your tranquil and easygoing demeanor, it is no doubt that you are the person people first go to for help. This is a huge asset to any organization because you are intuitive and attentive to the needs and feelings of others. Harnessing this cool color can help communicate your diplomacy.

Libra – Green

Your freshness and liveliness never fail to brighten the mood of everyone around. Even in the monotony of work, your sparkle can bring about a sense of purpose and balance so do not be afraid of unleashing your special power. This special healing is much needed.

Scorpio – Red

Strength in belief, more commonly known as the fire within, runs deep within. The magic of your aura is often lacking and every once in a while, your startling power will come in handy. You know your value and you embrace it wholeheartedly. Express it too!

Cancer – Violet

Deep, emotive and understanding perfectly reflect your character. Tapping into this color will allow you to manifest your emotions and express your innermost thoughts that others don’t seem to comprehend. Dreams and ideas can be made real if you just open up and let your consciousness spread into the minds of the world.

Sagittarius – Violet

Royalty and gusto. You know much and you’re not afraid to share your wisdom and understanding. You set your goals far and always look ahead with a strong sense of direction and purpose. Your vitality will bring forth goodness if you continue exuberating it.

Capricorn – Blue

Taking risks with precaution should be no stranger to a Capricorn. Your clarity in darkness is much dependent on by those around you and your display of coolness gives others calmness in the midst of the confusion. It’s time to empower your mighty intuition and let this color express who you are.

Aquarius – Violet

This color, as previously mentioned, shows how sensitive yet expressive you are. Not expressive in a loud way but in deep and meaningful aspects like concepts, the arts, and style. Your style draws you far from the crowd but it’s what defines you. Be unorthodox and show your unconventional views and discoveries.

Pisces – Blue

Thoughts that run deep are so precious and hard to find these days. You are shielded from the psychic clatter going all around you and you can protect others at the same time. Don’t hide because everyone needs safety from a Pisces. Harness your inner blue in you and grow into an unimaginable stable. Visionary.



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