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What to look forward to a Pink Christmas?

The happiest holidays are just around the corner, Kittens! We’ve spent almost a year together, and we hope your holidays are filled with love, happiness, and blessings. May your wishes and desires all come true.

So, are you looking forward to this holiday?! Pink Parlour has stored so much for you, want to know more about our offers? Check this out!

BumBum Facial


Known for its expertise in cleaning, it gives you a mild and deep scrub that contains DHA, glycolic, and salicylic acid that is applied to emulsify dead skin cells to lighten the gluteal folds.

Butt energizing and cooling that has tea tree and seaweed containing products that will be applied to help boost collagen production and help regenerate your skin cells within the area.

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Peach Scrub

Got a problem in your bum area? Still don’t know what product you should apply to brighten up your bum? Peach scrub is the solution. It is a newly launched product of the Best Brazilian waxing in Singapore, Pink Parlour.

Specially formulated to give your bum the right amount of Vitamin C that is purely extracted from peach. It brightens your skin to give that natural glow and is targeted to lighten your dark spots. It exfoliates your skin to get rid of dead skin cells, without being irritated. It inhibits the formation of acne or pimple on your bum. This can be used every 3 days to get that #smooth bum area.

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Alpha IPL Underarms Treatment Package

Want to achieve those bright and flawless underarms in just a span of 3 to 5 sessions? Who doesn’t want that, right? Alpha light permanent hair removal is perfect for you. Why? Check this out!

  • It’s effective.

We want to return the right service on what you paid for and to give you a smooth and underarm hair-free.

  • No more burns.

We assure you that you will never feel irritated during and after the session. No one wants to feel that right??

  • Bye, bye to your ingrown hairs (chicken skin)

It’s time for you to say goodbye to your ingrown hairs and welcomes to bright and smooth underarms.

  • Save time and money.

Time is gold, and so is your money. We know that you want to save both your time and money.

  • Lightens the targeted area.

You will notice hair falling off within 7 days to 3 weeks after the treatment, but hair reduction may not be noticeable as we all have many cycles of actively growing hair. An average person may require 3 to 5 sessions before noticing any hair reduction.

Book your Alpha Underarm IPL Treatment here 👇

Full Intimate Waxing

Brazilian waxing + Bum Bum facial in one package! Isn’t that great?!

In this package, you get to enjoy your bum area hair-free (all pubic hair removed, including front, butt, and crack area). No need to worry about your unwanted hair, just seize the moment of being pampered and you’re good to go.

Get this exclusive package here 👇

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