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Why Hard Wax is the Best Choice?

Why Hard Wax is the Best Choice for your Next Waxing?

It is difficult to keep up with the hair removal world when a new technique, product, or device appears every other day.

Two of the most trusted methods in hair removal are sugaring and waxing. Both include getting rid of the hair by using a layer of sticky goop, allowing it to be established, and afterward pulling it, and drawing out the hairs while doing so. Nonetheless, there are some mild nuances to remember when deciding which course to follow.

For starters, the blends themselves are entirely different. Sugaring paste is made from natural active ingredients– sugar, lemon, as well as water. Meanwhile, waxing uses waxes made from resins and tree by-products.

Sugaring can penetrate the hair follicle and adhere to individual hairs before removing them at the root. Yet because sugaring includes drawing the hair in the direction it grows, it may not remove all the hair like a conventional wax would certainly.

While sugaring is a gentler procedure, people often need that additional power (especially those with thicker hair); if sugaring cannot extract coarser hair easily from the origin, it could cause hair breakage as well ingrown and quicker regrowth. If you have coarse hair, occasionally drawing out in the same direction of hair growth simply will not cut it– since waxing gets rid of against the grain, it can be a lot more efficient for those folks who need the extra maintenance.

Meanwhile, when it comes to sensitive spots, hard wax is the best choice. It is because hard wax adheres to the hair and not to the skin, which gives it an advantage in the hair removal process. You can treat and retreat areas to make sure all of the hairs are removed without damaging the skin, and preventing hair ingrown.

Pink Parlour is using hard wax that’s why it is less painful and more efficient getting all the hair without really sticking to your skin, because of that, your waxing session with us will be safer and won’t damage your skin and so much quicker, you’re finished before you even notice it.

We are using the Finest Candy Wax From Australia that Helps You Achieve Hairless, Baby-Smooth Skin — Without Irritation & Discomfort. Our hard candy wax is specially formulated for sensitive skin. It includes hydrogenated coconut oil which makes the wax more flexible – allowing our therapist to perform touch-ups quickly.

The unique blend of ingredients allows our wax to attach to hair effectively and removes hair evenly from the root, so it grows back softer, finer and thinner. Best of all, it lasts up to 6 weeks and reduces hair growth the more you do it.

Get baby-smooth skin. Book your appointment now!

In addition, you must know why shaving should never be a hair removal option. Know all its differences with waxing here.


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