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Why you should consider Bum Bum facial?

If you are a huge fan of getting facials and it’s part of your monthly routine for your beauty session and you see this article with “BUMBUM FACIALS” and you ask yourself, what are those? If you are curious about what Bum Bum Facials are, then we’ll list down the facts, benefits, and the process of how it is done!


Bum Bum comes from the word Bum, Butt, or simply Buttocks. Facials, on the other hand, are part of the family of skin care treatments. This includes exfoliation, steam, applying creams and lotions, massage, peels, and extraction of dirt and other impurities to lighten and brighten the appearance of the face.

So, Bum Bum facials are basically skin care treatment for the buttocks to appear more bouncy, lightens the skin, and also to remove the butt acne surrounding the bum area. This is usually done in spas, beauty salons, and beauty clinics.


Some of the benefits of adding a bum bum facial to your monthly skin care treatment are that it can help your skin look gradient, which will lessen the appearance of butt acne, dead skin cells, blemishes, dark spots, and wrinkles around the butt. Aside from the benefits of bum bum facial, you can also consider how convenient it is because of how fast the process is.


🍑 Steaming

The expert aesthetician will inform the client what procedures may be done during the whole treatment. Steaming has a huge role in cleansing the cheeks as it leaves the area soft and relaxed. This can prepare the area for the next steps.

🍑 Deep Cleansing

With the use of new and clean gloves, the aesthetician will scrub a lactic acid cleanser all over the butt for the exfoliation of the skin. In order to eliminate dirt, it is also scrubbed with a brush.

Applying a premium scrub to the area will get the skin even more exfoliated to brush off easily the dead skin cells.

🍑 Scrubbing

We’re also using an ultrasonic scrubber, which can produce the right speed vibration that can help aid in the gentle removal of skin impurities in your butt area.

🍑 Smoothing Mask

The final step in this treatment is to have a smoothing mask all over your butt cheeks. This is only exclusive to our salon so it’s carefully crafted and tested to enhance and get the right amount of formulation to your cheeks.

There are two smoothing masks that will be applied to your butt. The first one has a minty effect and can feel cool and refreshing. This mask is salicylic acid that can nourish, hydrate, and brighten the skin on your butt.

Tee tree jelly mask is the second mask applied and lasts up to 10 minutes before removing it to your butt cheeks. Then the whole session is capped off with a high-frequency device used by the aesthetician. The device looks like a wand with a glass bubble at the end, which emits a tiny electrical current to kill bacteria on contact and quell inflammation.


This treatment is not as expensive as you think, this may sound overwhelming due to the meticulous process that is done every session. To tell you the truth, this treatment costs only $36.01. You can check it here

Now, if you want to level up and try some interesting treatment but in line with the Bum Bum facial then you can consider trying the Bum IPL Skin Rejuvenation. This only cost $62.00. You can find it here

If you are interested to know more about the services of Pink Parlour, you can visit it here

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