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Your First Brazilian wax: what do you need to know?

Thinking of getting your first Brazilian Wax? YES, it’s a scary thought, and trust us, we have all gone through the 1st timer jitters but here’s the good news; You don’t have to be scared about what’s to come because we will give you the low downs and secrets from the experts!

1. Can it really be painless?

So, are Bwaxes really less painful than your breakups as Pink Parlour, one of the region’s top Brazilian wax experts claims? The pain of Breakups is as subjective to waxing as it gets. Some moan and groan about it, while others laugh off that pain, and of course, there are the braver ones that claim it’s painless too!

2. What is a Brazilian Wax?

Brazilian wax is different from regular bikini waxes (hair is removed only outside of the bikini area only) because hair is removed in the front, back, and everything in-between.

There are several variations of the famed Brazilian. The most popular will be the full Brazilian wax, which is also often referred to as Hollywood wax, where you truly go bare!

Everything is removed leaving you to feel as smooth as a baby! On the other hand, there are other variations, called, the “Brazilian landing strip” which leaves a neat vertical line at the front above the clitoris. Then there is the “Brazilian triangle”, which leaves the neatly trimmed hair in the triangular shape above the intimate area. Others go for the heart shape as the name suggests. Not forgetting that all of the Brazilian variants will remove hair in the butt crack area…okay, what’s that? That’s the hair in between your butt cheeks, yup, right in there!

The Various Versions of the Brazilian Wax

At Pink Parlour, you will be charged 1 friendly price regardless of which variation you prefer. Simply inform your therapist of your preference before the treatment starts!

3. What happens in the Salon?

Some salons provide wet wipes, while others like Pink Parlour, have shower facilities for you to take a quick rinse, providing you with a disposable towel to meet the highest hygiene standard to prevent any unnecessary embarrassment for both therapists and client.

We highly recommend you to visit a waxing specialist rather than relying on a facial salon or spa that offers wax treatment as the therapists in waxing specialists are well-trained, so they know how to prevent painful waxing experiences. I am sure you heard of wax horror stories and you really don’t want to be that one!

4. How long does it take?

Most Brazilian waxes occur in a private room with a door (for privacy’s sake) and take between 15 to 30 minutes.

When asked to open up, don’t feel embarrassed because your therapist has seen it thousands of times. By keeping them apart, you will ensure that your wax gets done not only quickly (with fewer chances of them sticking together and causing more discomfort), but also allows your therapist to work very quickly to reduce your pain.

5. How does the pain feel like?

Because hair is pulled from the roots very quickly for few times, you will feel a bearable pain for a split second. Ensure your therapist gently but firmly place their hands on your skin after each pull. This will reduce your pain sensation by over 70%.

On average, a good therapist divides your area into between 10 to 15 small parts to reduce the pain when separated correctly.

6. Any secrets to reducing the pain?

Waxing in general can be terrifying for 1st timers. However, you can do a few things to ensure you feel less discomfort.

Pop a painkiller! This helps a little, but most, find this unnecessary. Communicate to your therapist, most of them are experienced enough to handle new clients and know exactly how strong they will take the wax off depending on the pain that you could bear.

Book your waxing appointment at least a week after your period, as your hormones are less sensitive. Also wax regularly, as hair that is finer gives less sensation of pain when removed. Most important of all, be picky about the wax used. Always ask what wax is used before you book.

7. What Wax or product is being used?

Today, there are various hair removal products on the market. There are some places claiming to use sugaring which rolls into a ball and pulls hair as it rolls over the skin. I would highly not recommend this for the Brazilian area as it can be really really painful since the process is very slow. You also don’t want any fingers kneading at your below. Aw… leave that sugaring to DIY home fix and not in the professional salon environment, you pay more and deserve more!

Professional waxes are formulated, researched, and designed for salon use. For the Brazilian area, stick to only HARD WAX as this method pulls hair and not your skin. Creamy waxes contain ingredients that are more gentle to the skin.

You may feel a little warm on contact, but it should not burn. These days, many waxes, including Pink Parlour’s Pink Candy Waxes, are formulated with low melting points to ensure comfort on your skin. If you feel uncomfortable at any point in time, please do highlight this to your therapist.

8. How long should my hair be or should I shave first?

A general rule of thumb is that hair needs to be 0.5cm or longer. If you recently shaved, you also need to understand that the regrowth will be much faster because the wax cannot remove hair that has not grown out of your skin (from your shave), thus this also means you will be able to feel stubbles even after you wax and they will grow out within days! A contrast to those who have not shaved before their session.

If you have a full forest, don’t worry too much about it, leave it to the therapist who will give you a quick trim before starting.

9. Waxing Protocols to look out for

Your therapist should disinfect her hands and wear gloves during the wax and she should never double-dip the wooden waxing stick into the wax. Instead, she will be using fresh sticks for each application. If you are nervous, you can ask her to keep you updated on what she’s working on ‘down there.

Tweezers may be used on you to remove any strays. But some find this too uncomfortable, so feel free to inform your therapist about it.

Once the deed is done, you will be asked to flip over. But don’t freak out, the butt crack area simply feels a little warm and it won’t be that painful because there is hardly much hair there.

Soothe and Calm

The waxer should apply soothing lotion over the waxed areas after the wax. Opt for Pink Parlours after care Soothing Calm Lotion which contains Australian Tea Tree that has all the following benefits:

  1. closes up pores

  2. calms the skin

  3. stops bleeding if any

  4. reduces redness

  5. anti-septic properties

  6. stops itching during hair regrowth

After the session is over, the therapists should provide you with basic tips on how to look after your ‘down there in the next few days. Ask for this advice before leaving because it will keep your Miss V away from pimples and bumps. You also need to avoid anything that can irritate the skin for the first 24 – 48 hours. It’s best to be proactive against any potential side effects from waxing.

If you experience bleeding (this means your pores are enlarged or swollen), you must take extra care, especially for the first 24 to 48 hours. Avoid:

  1. swimming (bacteria from water may enter pores)

  2. steam bath or sauna which can enlarge pores further

  3. sexual contact on the area (sweating, may transfer bacteria between parties)

10. How long can it last before my next session?

The downside of Brazilian wax is that it only lasts three to six weeks. The hair will grow back—albeit finer and lighter—and you’ll have to do it again. Veterans of the Brazilian swear that the first time hurts the most and that the pain dramatically lessens with the more waxings you get.

Why every three to four weeks? That’s typically the exact time it takes for your hair to hit that magical 1 cm length. For those who want to slow down the hair growth, you may try Smooth Lotion which not only retards hair growth by a good 2 to 3 weeks but also makes hair grow much finer.

So, what are you waiting for?! Book our Brazilian Waxing at S$41 and SAVE S$19!!


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