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Monkey Pox



How To Prevent Monkeypox

Monkeypox is an illness caused by the monkeypox virus. It is a viral zoonotic infection, meaning that it can spread from animals to humans. It can also spread from person to person.


Incubation Period: 6-21 Days

Monkey Pox Spreads

How it spreads?

Direct physical contact with blood or body fluids or sexual contact with infected persons or contaminated materials 


Examples are fluid from skin lesions, bedsheets,

utensils, and other contaminated things.


Monkey Pox blood
Monkey Pox

Monkeypox Symptoms

Early symptoms include:

blood or body fluids or sexual


  • Fever

  • Back or headache

  • Muscle ache

  • Swollen lymph node

  • Chills

  • Feeling tired

As the disease progresses, rashes and skin lesions will develop on the face and body parts.

Monkey Pox Spreads
Monkey Pox - wash your hand

How to reduce the risk of getting monkeypox?

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap

  • Avoid sharing personal items

  • Avoid contact with a person who is unwell and contaminated objects

  • Avoid high-risk sexual activities

  • See a doctor immediately if you have the symptoms

Monkey Pox symtoms
Monkey Pox infected

What happens if I have the symptoms?

While monkeypox is typically a self-recovering disease, you must seek medical treatment immediately.

Monkey Pox

Infected cases will be isolated for recovery, Most patients will usually recover in 2-4 weeks.

Close contacts will have to serve quarantine for 21 days.

Monkey Pox 21 days
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If you are experiencing symptoms infected or have close contact, please reschedule your appointment for the safety of everyone.

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