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4 Reasons why Men should do their spray tan

Spray Tan is UV-FREE!

Avoid the harmful UV Rays from sunbathing at the beach/pool. Exposing yourself to direct sun for a few hours will get you exposed to harmful UV Rays and increase the chance of getting skin cancer.

Opt to go for a spray tan instead for that beach tan skin right before your holiday or event.

Achieve Perfect Tan almost immediately.

Unlike solarium tanning beds, you will need a few sessions to achieve the desired tan skin if you are naturally fair.

Fret not, with our spray tan you will achieve that perfect airbrush tan almost immediately within 15 minutes. Plus with our rapid formulation, you may shower 2 hours after leaving our parlor and flaunt that tan skin of yours for up to 7 days.

For best tanning results, scrub your skin 2 days before your tan and keep your skin hydrated with body lotion.

Should I be afraid that there will be streaking after the tan?

Our spray tan solution is suitable for all skin types and with proper aftercare, you will enjoy that beautiful tan for up to 7 days.

Tips to prolong your tan and streak-free.

  • Moisturize your skin well with body lotion after day 1.

  • Prevent from scrubbing your skin within 7 days after your tanning.

Look shredded & fitter with that TAN skin.

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Model: Pietro Boselli

If you have been on a strict clean diet, religiously clocking your gym 5 times a week, what you need next is a Spray Tan for that complete hunk look.

Tan skin will make your abs and muscle more defined and this is definitely needed before your beach getaway or professional photoshoot.

Book now and get that gorgeous Spray tan!

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