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5 Beauty Hacks That Can Save You 💰💰

Every day, girls’ routine is to prepare their skin or face before going outside of their house for work or school. But, admit it or not it is really time-consuming and can require a lot of effort, and it’s sometimes costly. That's why we believe that everyone can have simple beauty hacks that can save both their time and effort whether it’s for the morning or evening.

Tip #1 Fix your broken Lipstick

You can still save your broken lipstick to use it again, anytime. Here’s how! Use a lighter to gently melt the cracked area. Reattach them together again and you can leave them in your fridge to harden into shape.

PRO TIP: If you want to create an ombre color lipstick, all you have to do is simply follow the instructions above. Attach two different colored lippies (half in size and vertically) together.

Tip #2 Swollen Eyelid Treatment

Puffy eyes can be a sign of tiredness, stress, and pain. But you have work the following day, you don’t want to face other people with your puffy eyes. Let’s fix it with one tool that can make your eyes return to their original state. Remember this, leave at least two spoons on your fridge or freezer and wait for a couple of hours. Then, place it on the puffy areas in upwards and outward motions.

Tip #3 Silk Pillowcases for smoother skin

Silk is much smoother than any type of fabric and it is highly recommended to use whether it is clothing or bedding, because it can reduce the friction of skin to the fabric while tossing and turning, while you sleep.

Some of its benefits are:

It can reduce acne

Keeps your hair smooth

It also reduces wrinkles

Keeps your skin hydrated

Tip #4 Make your scent last longer

Perfume application is not just on your wrist and neck. There are more areas on your body where you can spray your perfume. This can leave your nice scent wherever you go, making people look at you twice because of your scent. For you to have a longer-lasting fragrance, remember this:

Spray it on:

Your hair

Behind your knees

Inside of your elbows

Behind your ears

Tip #5 Deodorize your underarms at night

Yep! Applying deodorant is not a morning routine, it is meant to use during at night before you sleep. I know all of you are asking, “Why?” This is because, at night, your body temperature drops, which means you don’t sweat a lot. It is easier for your skin to absorb the antiperspirant into your skin than it is in the morning.

Follow these easy steps:

Right after you wash up or clean yourself, wait for your armpits to completely dry.

Then, apply your deodorant or antiperspirant.

Wait for it to dry for at least 5 minutes, depending on how much liquid you sprayed onto your armpit.

We hope that these 5 simple beauty hacks can make your life easier whether at night or day. You can follow us on our social media accounts to stay updated whenever we have new posts about beauty and anything related to treatments, promos, and discounts.

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